Black goods rose across the board should not buy commodity fund

Black line of goods rose across the board should not buy commodity funds Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: Chinese fund reported WeChat chinafundnews China fund newspaper reporter Ze reservoir in September 29th, black commodities rose across the board, led the main coking coal and coke, coking coal rose 4.55%, the main coke rose 3.94%. Coking coal, coke hit a new high in the year. In addition, power coal, iron ore also rose sharply. Non-ferrous metals are also rising market prices, Shanghai lead, petroleum asphalt also rose sharply. Increase the DCE varieties: the varieties of Rose: commodity prices for oil or solid conduction benefit assets general manager Wang Bing believes that rising crude oil and commodities in September 29th rose, reflecting belongs to the conduction effect of crude oil prices. Recently reached an agreement due to OPEC real estate, crude oil prices rose, so the transmission of various types of commodity prices. In addition, he believes that due to the proximity of the holiday, there are some positions to avoid the risk of long-term holiday demand. It is also easy to increase the volatility of futures prices. The "double focus" of high demand and low stock market triggered due to the recent rise in coking coal coke rapidly, was the industry known as "Marie bifocal". Wang Bing is working on coking coal and coke. He told reporters that the current coking coal stocks are low, and higher demand, which led to rising prices. And the price of the coal mine has reached more than 200 U.S. dollars equivalent to the disk of the yuan to about $1600. In contrast, the domestic coking coal is still in deep discount. In fact, for the coal around the September phenomenon eased, the NDRC issued a document to meet the advanced production capacity of coal enterprises, coal mine take incremental task. Wang Bing said that a more detailed plan of production has yet to be introduced, but in any case, the production plan in the short term can not affect the supply and demand of coking coal, it is difficult to change the recent trend of coking coal. Rebar is not optimistic about the industry in September 29th, rebar also rose slightly. However, the futures industry is not optimistic about the attitude of rebar. Topix futures believes that the enormity of the supply side reform is not only to resolve excess capacity, more importantly, the supply side reform is in decline in demand and race. At present, the global steel overcapacity, and Chinese is rare in the production of 16 year 1-8 month cumulative year-on-year growth capacity of the country, and overseas for Chinese applied Yajian production and export volume of increasing pressure. Topix futures believes that the domestic real estate fever, the future does not retreat, demand is affected by the possibility of policy impact is not small. Overall, they believe that both sides of supply and demand have a lot of negative factors, steel ore market outlook worrying. And Wang Bing said he was not optimistic about the subsequent trend of rebar, he would choose to short steel. He is not optimistic about the logic of three, the first is due to the northern infrastructure due to climate change in October 15th or so demand peaked, then North material south, supply and demand will be adjusted. Second because of real estate data and theory相关的主题文章: