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Finance When you’re running a business the last thing you want to worry about is a collection agency for the bills that people forget to pay, refuse to pay, or just don’t pay for whatever reason. In this economy especially, with people struggling financially, the problem is worse than it was even a year ago. The time you and your employees spend with your business is precious .pany time, time that should be used to further the business. It should not be used for bill collections, if that’s at all possible. Lucky for you, as a business owner, there are agencies which are ready and willing to take bill collecting off your hands. Small business collection agencies are specifically designed to work with you and your clients to get the bills paid. You have to pay a small fee, of course, but the fee is tiny .pared to the results you’ll be getting. The employees of these agencies are trained in business collections, so they know the techniques and practices that yield results, unlike most business owners who are proficient in their area of expertise, i.e. running a business, but not always proficient in bill collecting. You may be wondering why on earth a .pany would be willing to be.e a debt collector for another business when the fee required to secure the .panies services is so small it can hardly be considered a profit. The answer lies in the bills collected. Some agencies require a percentage of the collections for their services, others actually purchase the debt off the .pany for a percentage of what it’s worth and then turn around and collect the debt for themselves. In either case both sides win. The business collection helps the small .pany earn back some of its money, while the debt collection agency earns a profit for their services. Most business owners would rather get some of what they’re owed rather than none of what they’re owed. Debt collection agencies know this so they be.e the affordable solution. Most businesses have some form of unpaid debt from one or more of their clients. If you are one of these businesses, don’t write the debt off as a total loss of your time and skills. Let a business collection agency help you receive some of that bad debt. Yes, you’ll have to give up some of the profits, but again, some is better than none. It will be worth it to you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: