Beijing tiger wounding incident investigation found not a production safety accident –

Beijing tiger incident investigation finds: do not belong to the production safety accident —   public opinion channel — Beijing August 24th new media news (reporter Wei Mengjia) 24, Beijing "7? 23" tiger casualties caused by tourists accident investigation group, Beijing Badaling wild animal world Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Badaling wild in the last month animal world) the tiger incident investigation report released. The report finds that the event is due to the tourists did not comply with the provisions of the park to get off without causing them to be attacked and killed by the tiger, does not belong to the production safety accident. July 23rd 15 am, Badaling wild animal world occurred in Northeast Tiger wounding incident, resulting in 1 dead and 1 injured, causing social concern. After the accident, Yanqing district established a multi sectoral accident investigation team. In the statements of the parties, the transcripts of on-site survey, witness testimony, audio-visual materials, documents, expert opinions based on the evidence, identify the incident. Through investigation and analysis to demonstrate all kinds of evidence materials, investigation team found that the cause of the incident, tourists Zhao did not comply with the Badaling wild animal world beast area non off the provisions of park management and other tourists will get off without warning is not physical, and result in the tiger attacks and injuries; tourists see Zhou daughter was towed away after the tiger, save female eager, also did not comply with the provisions of non off, rescue measures are improper, result in the death of tiger attacks. The investigation team believes that the park before the incident was informed orally, issued a "six forbidden" inform, Zhao signed a "self driving tour the park car damage responsibility agreement". At the same time, the beast area tour set up along the warning signs and the obvious signs, the incident also timely on-site disposal and rescue. Combined with the reasons for the analysis, that the incident does not belong to the production safety accident. According to the report, in the event of casualties for tourists Hukou Dangtu County in Anhui Province, the Zhao 32 years of age, the No.3 Hospital of Peking University treatment, has been discharged from hospital; dead Zhou Zhao was 57 years old, mother. At the same time, the investigation team also found some loopholes in the management of Badaling wildlife world. For example, the daily management of staff training assessment system is not fully implemented, there is no training assessment, part of the lack of emergency drilling data. Therefore, the proposal to increase the propaganda on tourist safety efforts to improve the safety of tourists and a sense of crisis, and establish and improve the safety management ledger, truthfully record the staff education and training, improve emergency drills related archives. The investigation team believes that the Badaling wild animal world should also be entrusted with the third party institution with the relevant qualifications, hidden investigation of all aspects of its internal security equipment and facilities, daily management, safety system, emergency rescue plan, and by the third party agency issued the report, the relevant departments involved in the inspection, supervision and rectification. In addition, the proposed reference to other advanced safety practices in the construction of other wild animals, equipped with advanced equipment to further improve safety measures. Badaling wild animal world was registered in March 16, 1998, is located in the town of Badaling Village Road Shuiquangou District of Yanqing, the registered capital of 2980)相关的主题文章: