Because of family conflicts in Qigihar City, a mother-in-law daughter-in-law knife hacked-punyu

Because of family conflicts in Qigihar City, a mother-in-law daughter-in-law knife hacked the newspaper news (reporter Huang Yingfeng) law conflicts are common, the handle can be resolved, this law can have tragic qiqihar. In October 21st, 12 o’clock, Qigihar City Public Security Bureau Jianhua Branch Xin Jiang Road police station received a residential community report, the resident Zhang was killed at home. In the investigation, the police found that the victim and daughter-in-law Lee because of household chores contradictory, and after the incident Lee whereabouts unknown, and ultimately determine its major crime suspects. After investigation, the police were on the early morning of October 23rd in Harbin arrested lee. After interrogation, Lee confessed because of family conflicts with a knife hacked mother-in-law after absconding crimes. According to police reports, Lee explained that she and her husband married for many years after marriage, found her mother speak too straight, he is very strict, not to do not want to endure. On the same day, two people were cooking, she told her mother-in-law, just looking for her job, her mother-in-law asked the reason, Lee said that many dissatisfaction with the work. According to Lee said, her mother immediately said was obedient, said she was not doing what, angry she felt by her mother, said Nothing is right., more depressed. Looking at her mother-in-law while washing dishes, while talking about, Lee grabbed the kitchen knife, cut to the mother-in-law. During the trial, Lee said that life at home was depressed, complaining that her mother was too strong, but asked where she was dissatisfied with her mother-in-law, she said is trivial things.

因家庭矛盾 齐齐哈尔市一婆婆被儿媳持刀砍死   本报讯(记者 黄迎峰)婆媳矛盾本属常事,处理好了都能化解,可齐市的这一对婆媳竟上演悲剧。   10月21日12时许,齐齐哈尔市公安局建华分局新江路派出所接到某小区居民报案,住户张某被人杀死在家中。排查中,民警发现被害人与儿媳李某因家庭琐事矛盾较大,且案发后李某去向不明,最终确定其有重大作案嫌疑。经调查,民警们于10月23日凌晨在哈市将李某抓获。经讯问,李某供述了因家庭矛盾持刀将婆婆砍死后潜逃的犯罪事实。   据民警介绍,李某交代称,她和丈夫结婚多年,婚后发现婆婆说话太直,自己也是个直性子,不爱听就不想忍。当天,两人正在做饭,她告诉婆婆,刚找的工作让她辞了,婆婆问原因,李某便说对工作诸多不满意。据李某说,婆婆立刻就说起了难听话,说她干啥啥不行,本来就一肚子气的她,觉得自己被婆婆说得一无是处,更加憋闷。看着婆婆一边洗菜,一边念叨,李某抓起菜刀,向婆婆砍去。   审讯中,李某说在家里生活得压抑,抱怨婆婆太强势,但问及对婆婆哪里不满,她说的都是鸡毛蒜皮的小事。相关的主题文章: