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Housing inventory in Bangalore outpaced the market in the past few years, but the local economy is catching up. Now is a great time to invest in residential property in India while prices are still down 15 to 20 percent, says Christopher O’Dea of IPE Real Estate magazine. Bright Real Estate Outlook This year’s Union Budget is likely to favor homebuyers, says Geeta Vaid of The Tribune. The government is expected to ease the tax burden for first-time homebuyers. Interest rates on home loans also are likely to decrease this year. Information technology .panies continue to pour into Bangalore and are investing in .mercial and residential property. The city is second only to the Delhi National Capital Region in the nation’s office-leasing market. Property in Electric City in particular is in high demand. Parliament’s Economic Survey predicts India’s economic growth in the fiscal year to reach at least seven percent, according to the Bangalore Mirror. India is one of the most stable economies in the current international environment. Inflation in India should settle at five percent or less next fiscal year. Hip Bangalore Culture The influx of foreign corporate investment in Bangalore is leading to a cultural revolution of sorts. There is a great deal more to do in the city, nowadays. New restaurants and not just run-of-the-mill replacement establishments are catching on in the area. To the millennial generation, Bangalore is known for its bars and pubs about also as a university city. And because of the migration of people from other cultures to the city, there are a great variety of spoken languages. It’s easy for a new person to integrate into the cosmopolitan culture. In this laid back city, a new restaurant such as Horn OK Please is allowed to flourish. The goofy themed establishment reworks Bollywood titles on signs throughout the building. And as Manu Prasad of the Bangalore Mirror reports, the food also is entertaining. New Entrepreneurs Bangalore is famously known as a mecca of outsourcing, but local entrepreneurs are marking their mark. The city’s lower cost of living is a major attraction for young business people, and it’s pulling intellectual resources from larger Indian cities such as Mumbai. Start-ups were on a tear in recent years, but the market has stabilized. Now, the best-managed young .panies have taken hold. DigitalOcean recently announced it would expand its cloud hosting business to Bangalore. DigitalOcean .petes with Amazon Web Services and Microsoft. Another Amazon .petitor, Flipart, is based in Bangalore. The online bookseller started in 2007 and is now valued at US 15 billion. The cash-on-delivery option the .pany offers is helping it rule the market. The .pany is in a generic office building now but is building a campus .plex nearby. Residential Apartments Real estate developer Unitech has property in Bangalore convenient to IT giants Infosys and Wipro. Uniworld Resorts in Electronic City offers a large variety of luxury residential apartments. There are 3 BHK and 4 BHK units available from 1,910 square feet to 3,735 square feet. Prices start at 85 Lac. The low-rise, residential .plex offers many .munity amenities including Billiards Table Tennis Multipurpose Gym Swimming Pool Tennis Court 24 x 7 back-up power Green spaces Gated .munity The .plex is just minutes away from Hosur Road. There are many floor plans for future residents to check out. The buildings are earthquake resistant with anodized power coated aluminum frames and glazed shutters. Air conditioning is split between the master bedroom and living area. The flooring material of the master bedroom is laminated wood. The kitchen and dado have anti-skid tile. The counter top in the kitchen is granite. Although Uniworld Resorts are within walking distance to major work locations, mass transit to other destinations in the city is available. The state government recently presented the railway budget for the new fiscal year. The proposed infrastructure improvements will make things easier for Bangalore residents wishing to .mute to nearby states. Karnataka will provide land and support facilities for the suburban service project. Bangalore has .e a long way since its colonial days and is sure to continue to attract the millennial generation. 相关的主题文章: