Baidu Google or Mercedes Benz BMW Unmanned technology appeared in the two camps autobots

Baidu Google or Mercedes Benz BMW? Unmanned technology has two Tencent of science and technology Ji Zhenyu recently in the camp of unmanned several important things happened: the autopilot technology caused several accidents, Tesla Tesla and Mobileye announced the "break up", Intel, BMW and Mobileye cooperation, Delphi and Mobileye. Although these events seem to be isolated from each other, and the timing of the occurrence of each has its own, but the core is the same: unmanned technology. With the development of the industries where one moves, unmanned this new field of industry pattern has become more clear. Overall, currently engaged in research and development of unmanned aerial vehicles based on two camps: traditional manufacturers and technology companies. Because there are significant differences in both the technical scheme and implementation path, so the two camps at present basically difficult to achieve cooperation, which partly explains why Tesla and Mobileye cooperation ultimately difficult to go. From the path of unmanned, traditional manufacturers adopt a progressive development route, according to many years in the automotive manufacturing industry and technology experience, traditional manufacturers have been mature in the past a set of auxiliary driving technology to upgrade and improve, is expected to finally form the full sense of the unmanned, and science and technology the company by virtue of its technical strength, through artificial intelligence, big data processing, high precision 3D map and other means, to achieve leapfrog development of driving technology on unmanned. From the current situation, the traditional companies now have certain advantages, technologies exist obvious bottlenecks, such as the amount of data is too large by real-time transmission limit, the whole system of high cost. Although from the current path, the obvious difference, there are two camps but the same thing, no matter what kind of program, the future is for all road conditions to achieve the full sense of the unmanned. To achieve this, perhaps the regulatory system is more difficult than the technical barriers to break itself. Intel networking strategy and product synthesis of chief executive Bridget (Bridget Karlin) said Kalyn of the Tencent in science and technology, technology research and development at the same time, manufacturers are also in close communication with regulators and industry development, let them know the synchronization, a series of automatic driving accidents recently also give the industry a wake up, need the safety first consider any time. The difference scheme leads to show a conference two camps forming Mobieye co-founder and chief technology officer Amnon Shashua during the 2016 CES Conference on page PPT is basically clear the different schemes of the traditional path of automobile manufacturers and technology companies have taken in the aspects of unmanned Technology: the former is emphasized unmanned in all places, the way to achieve the accuracy of the map by low and high precision sensors and cameras, while the latter, in certain parts of unmanned test, to achieve through the three-dimensional map of high precision and low accuracy of laser radar sensor. Currently engaged in unmanned technology!相关的主题文章: