Baby Names Suitable For Both Baby Boys And Baby

News-and-Society With the number of baby names that can found in various references nowadays, some parents still opt to choose something different and unique for their babies. While some parents resort to unique names or choose names that are rarely used, some parents simply create modifications and sway a little from the conventional in naming their little ones thus choosing a baby boy name to name a baby girl. Some baby names are interesting, some tell a story of how it came about, some mean something to the parents and thus want to share the name with their babies to preserve or keep a memory. There are various reasons for every choice, like choosing to name your baby girl Alex, Frankie or Danny. Nowadays, baby boy names are also being used to name baby girls. But it is rare for a boy to be named something girly or feminine. Just like the idea of girls wearing pants just like the boys, or girls engaged with boxing and basketball which used to be sports for men, girls having boy names is a fast trend. Some mothers find this idea a good variation because it certifies uniqueness without having the need to choose un.mon names. Some baby boy names or masculine names used these days to name a baby girl are; Donnie, Gabby, Alex, Frankie, Ritchie and Wilson. Some boy or male names undergo a little modification in their spelling and pronunciation in order to create a more feminine touch such as Gabriel for a boy and Gabrielle or Gabriella for a girl, Noel for a boy and Noelle for a girl; Daniel for a baby boy and Danielle for baby girl, Alex for baby boy and Allex or Ahlex for baby girl. There a lot of ways to apply creativity in .ing up with an excellent name for your baby. Another modification is making baby boys name sound girl by adding the suffix la or adding the letter A at the end of the name making it suitable for a baby girl. Example is Gabriel, adding the suffix la would make it sound more feminine, it Gabriella. Daniel Daniella, Lowell a baby girls name by adding la making it Lowella, Alex can be.e Alexa or Alexia with a little more modification, Robert Roberta, Albert Alberta and so on. This modification is sometimes used to name fraternal twins, choosing names that make a nice pair. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: