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Business So you are jonesing for that new surrounf system to make your home theatre or car the place for the best entertainment. Guess what…you are not alone. As I have found out, it seems to be a trend that is now spreading into many locations. The integration of technology in the hotel industry is ever increasing. In a recent article in Hotel and Motel Management, Christine Blank writes, "technology is a focus of hotels when they decide to build or renovate convention spaces." Blank continues, "Harrah’s New Orleans Hotel and Casino added electronic gadgets like electronic draperies, automated lighting and dimmer systems, and 60-inch liquid crystal display (LCD) screens to their meeting space. An upgraded acoustical system was added to the ballroom of the Rosen Shingle Creek." Of course, surround sound is no longer just the option for the home. Manufacturer’s are now making surround sound available to your car stereo and DVD systems. The New York Times reported recently that, "multichannel surround sound systems in automobiles", are readily available. The report went onto to say that "in a multichannel sound system in a car, a .pact Disc (CD) player or a Digital Video Disc (DVD) player has to decode and separate six or more audio signals from a disc, which are steered individually to the speakers by the amplifiers. There are several multichannel formats, including Super Audio CD and DVD Audio on music discs, and Dolby Digital on movie discs." With the newer technology it is easier are more cost affective to add these luxuries to one’s vehicle. So how does the technologically challenged wire their homes for the best experience? John Sciacca of Sound & Vision Magazine says, "to ensure that quality sound is distributed around a home you should use large speakers with more of them in big rooms and areas where the sound system is to be played louder." Sciacca goes onto to add, "ceiling speakers must not be lined up with light cans or ceiling or in any rooms like the kitchen, where the listening position is constantly changing." These little tips will add a more enjoyable listening experience. Lastly,Sciacca, mentions "that a remote control is necessary for the efficient functioning of a surround sound system." And as all men (and some women) know, how in the world did we ever live without one. Surround sound is the wave of the now, and in the future you will be hard pressed to find anyone’s home not wired for this once reserved for luxury enjoyment By: Bruce A. Tucker About the Author: 相关的主题文章: