Apple suffered Zero Day vulnerability attack, a new era of mobile phone hacking (video) actv

Apple suffered Zero Day vulnerability attack, the new era of mobile phone hacking came [Tencent technology editor] Zero Day vulnerability attack, refers to the hacker found in the vulnerability but did not find the vulnerability of the security center attack. Foreign media published an article said that the recent exposure of Apple’s zero day vulnerability represents the arrival of a new era of mobile hackers. The following is the content of the original: Apple has always attached great importance to keep the secret of the company, but the black hat security conference held earlier this month, Apple Safety Engineering and architecture for Ivan · Kostic (Ivan Krstic) told participants that Apple ready to program development vulnerability report external researchers. Kostic announced that the Apple Corp will launch a bug bounty program". For example, if you find a zero day vulnerability in the apple system kernel, you can get a $50 thousand bonus. Apple Corp said, "bug bounty program" is the purpose of finding Zero Day vulnerabilities — this is a company that you don’t know, but it will be an attacker using a security vulnerability — with the increasing of iOS security, found this loophole has become more difficult. Outside researchers can provide valuable clues to the search for zero day vulnerabilities, of course, Apple also want to pay for their time and effort to provide some compensation. In August 12th, a week after Kostic announced the plan, the Apple Corp became a reality. The focus of hacker attack to transfer Ahmad · Mansoor (Ahmed Mansoor) is a United Arab Emirates activist, he received a strange message, he gave them to the human rights and Technology Laboratory (Citizen Lab) organizational citizenship. Contains some suspicious links in the message, and the citizen Lab Security Company Lookout has carried on the analysis to these links, they can transmit an elaborate data packet, to completely control the Mansoor phone, telephone, email and SMS to watch his contacts and contact list. These vulnerabilities indicate that hackers are more and more attention to mobile devices. On the other hand, Apple’s growing emphasis on Zero Day vulnerability detection, indicating that companies are trying to keep up with this rhythm. It is generally believed that mobile phones (especially iPhone) are more secure than desktop computers and network infrastructure, so vulnerability research and hacker attacks are focused on the more vulnerable devices. But this time, Apple’s iOS security system was a zero day vulnerability attack, which marks the beginning of a new era – vulnerability research and the focus of hacker attacks have been transferred to the mobile device. "This is not just three holes and three zero day vulnerabilities linked together, in an attempt to achieve" a key to escape the hitherto unknown ", Lookout and response security research vice president Mike · (Mike Murray); Murray said to TechCrunch. "A lot of people don’t think there’s a security threat," Murray said. "If I said five years ago that an attacker was targeting a cell phone, you might think I was crazy. And now, had an attacker to mobile phone, rather than the net hole相关的主题文章: