Andrew Lovelace Evans -his Love For Race Cars-icesword

Arts-and-Entertainment Andrew L Evans born in 1951 met his dream when he was 12 years old. He went to the Can-Am race in 1963 and there he (saw/encountered) his dream, a dream to be a race car driver, a dream to race across the asphalt at one hundred miles an hour. His dream was not restricted to racing alone, he also adored the cars, especially race cars. Andrew soon became a (result/reward) driven racer and (adored/pampered) ferrari so much that he (claimed/proclaimed) that Ferari was the best .pany in public. This was quoted from a public press conference – "I think Ferraris are the greatest sports cars on earth–I wouldnt race anything else." Andrew L Evans He started his career rather uniquely, unlike most drivers, he started his career by paying dues. He later participated in (various/different) race events in the 1980s. Andrew saw racing as an (alternative/option) when things went bad. He (moved/shifted) to racing when he was facing bad times and racing (proved/turned up) to be perfect for that. Andrew joined the Motor Sports Association at the (beginning/start)d of 1990 and (soon/subsequently) made his way to Ferrari motor sports at the mid 1990s. If this seems overwhelming enough, his next achievement will be truly astonishing. He then (developed/architected) the Scandia Engineering at Redmond, Washington. Scandia engineering was an .anisation that dedicated to automotive engines and parts and concentrated in (restoration/repairing) of damaged vehicle parts. Scandia engineering was mainly for the automotive enthusiast. In 1995, Andrew led Ferari to (victory/glory) after 23 years. Ferari’s previous victory was in 1972 and this victory was (a long awaited one/long awaited). Andrew tried to duplicate this victory in the following years. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: