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And then the v-mobile for red car, before the opportunity is trap – Sohu technology in the circle of friends opened a joke, because the v-mobile cannot enter into the community, so to do a product, which can not meet the friction connection thanks to the last 500 meters, is to share business logic behind the explosion of red bicycle spoof. The earliest time of car mostly from pioneer playing into the martyrs, and about the car restrictions and special burn, so the lower the threshold, the first red bike up a little weird sharing with the concept of environmental protection. In fact, as early as before the Uber burst red, timeshare car had a wave of market, but a little back also began at this time. When the game player has two categories: 2000 Zipcar and later RelayRides are early start-up companies, two the only difference is that the former is owned vehicles, the latter is P2P, then the founder of Zipcar, has three children in the United States aunt Robin Chase is better than TK red share much coffee. When the price of $4.5-5.5 Zipcar with the scenery over a period of time, 2011 IPO completed 31% raised, but the starry, $Zipcar10 membership card number is a threshold, the business is too dependent on the University City and business park, point to point irregular linear demand for the whole vehicle preparation and scheduling system is very challenging another factor is the bright younger generation, too, various scenes segments were exhumed, increasing competition, the company in 2013 by car giant AvisBudget acquisition has floated a loss of $50 million. 2015 renamed TURO RelayRides never really red, after several rounds of financing $101 million, less than a fraction of Uber, cut from 15% to 25% and later because of the scary, facing GetAround and Flightcar competition, simply give up when renting business to rent. The big hole is the car manufacturers. For example, Mercedes Benz Car2Go, BMW Drivenow, Volkswagen Quicar, Ford Ford2Go, general Maven, Audi Audi On Demand and TOYOTA’s Rakumo, etc.. Car prices do time-sharing motive impure, largely these old giants need a beautiful window to display their "spirit of innovation", the subtext is still tried to sell a car. Chinese "is" Benz Car2Go chicken thief chose Chongqing as the first pilot of the Asia Pacific region this year, but, with movement, because of the small Smart fortwo in the rugged mountain Bimobai and OFO are more suitable for short distance transport, and the convenience of parking close to the bike again after blasting gasoline vehicles. BMW’s future strategy in the Internet is filled with the feelings, talk about this connecteddrive, sharing service vehicles, charging three-in-one, also set up a "city center to promote the competitiveness of travel". Frankly speaking, is to use the car sharing application Driveno.相关的主题文章: