An Increasing Internationalization In The Future Of Ipack-ima -yvette yates

Business A few weeks after the conclusion of Ipack-Ima (the trade show took place from the 28th of February to the 3rd of Mai 2012), it is time to consider data and draw conclusions about the achieved results. The processing, packaging and material handling exhibition, which takes place in Milan every three years, was successful also this year and confirmed to be a benchmark in Europe. To quantify the success of the event, you only need to look at the numbers concerning Italian and above all foreign visitors. The 22nd edition of Ipack-Ima recorded 60% of European visitors and a meaningful increase in the number of high-profile buyers with strong decision-making power .ing from emerging countries. One of the most important results, which has to be highlighted, is the great number of foreign visitors: out of 54,000 visitors, 25% came from abroad, and the most represented continents were Asia, Africa and America. The great number of foreign visitors exceeded also exhibitors expectations, who had the chance to benefit from a wider and more international showcase than expected. Also Guido Corbella, CEO of Ipack-Ima Spa, highlighted this meaningful datum, and pointed out that the can be very important for exhibitors, who are given the chance to make investments and to enter into interesting negotiations. The increasing internationalization of the event is evident also from the agreement with Expo 2015 Spa: the theme of the Expo Feed the Planet, Energy for Life will be promoted at major global trade shows by Ipack-Ima. A close link will connect, in 2015, the World Expo and Ipack-Ima, and it is no coincidence that the next edition of the fair, which will take place in three years, will be held in May, later than usual, just to make its dates coincide with the dates of the Expo, a major event that will be visited by millions of people. From now on and until 2015 the organization of Ipack-Ima will work at full capacity: Corbella highlighted that Ipack-Ima is not only a good chance for .panies to expose their products and services for few days, it is the peaking event of a path that runs through three years (from an edition to the following one). Another important goal scored by Ipack-Ima at the international level is the agreement with the UN agency for industrial development (UNIDO) and East African .munity to plan in 2014 the first food packaging and processing exhibition in East Africa. An important and necessary event, if you consider that nowadays Africa is the continent with the highest agricultural growth potential due to its leading position in the field of food production, the high percentage of unfarmed land and low pollution. However, in order to enhance the potentials of the African continent, an interaction with western management and technologies is necessary, and Ipack-Ima had the merit of understanding this need. Now that the curtain over the 2012 edition of Ipack-Ima has been drawn, we can claim that the future of the event looks positive. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: