Amazon shares broke $800 after two years of innovation or break $1000 (video) mia farrow

Amazon shares break the $800 record high after two years or above $1000 Tencent Francisco September 24th, in Thursday’s regular trading on the Nasdaq stock market, Amazon’s closing price for the first time broke through the $800, a record high. However, this did not stop the rally on Friday, the Nasdaq stock market trading, Amazon’s closing share price continued to rise, and breaking the previous day’s record, a record in the history of a high level. In Friday’s regular trading on the Nasdaq stock market, Amazon shares rose $1.05, to close at $805.75, or 0.13%, despite a smaller increase, but this share price is the highest closing price in history. Intraday trading period, the highest share price rose to $807.75. In this regard, CEO and chief investment officer, SureVest Wealth, Management industry expert Robert · Lula (Robert Luna) said on Friday, Amazon’s stock investors should be required to hold the stock, and the stock price is expected in 2018 will exceed 1000 dollars. In fact, in May of this year, Lula had predicted Amazon’s share price will exceed $800 before the end of this year. There is no doubt that this positive situation also let Amazon Co executives and shareholders excited. Today, Amazon’s stock price is about two times in April 2015. A closer look, Amazon shares can still maintain a strong growth momentum may benefit record record in the company’s recent earnings also hit. Of course, these outstanding performance of Amazon also won the favor of investment institutions. Last week, the capital market the Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Capital) market research institutions will be the Amazon price target raised to $1000 from Friday, Amazon shares hit a record level of $804.70, the target of the Royal Bank of Canada capital market seems to be more easy to achieve. Lula said, this is not a new story, but Amazon’s revenue is still maintained a high growth rate of 30%, and the number of active users will increase by 20%. The house, all the retailers to Amazon is leveraging Amazon, re shaping the new pattern of market." Lula also said that although some investors believe that Amazon’s market capitalization is overvalued and the future growth will be slowed, but Lula believes that Amazon is still a lot of room for growth, especially in the international market. For example, the international market growth rate of Prime business is like a rocket soaring". Earlier data show that in the second quarter of this year, Amazon’s net profit grew by more than 9 times, from last year’s $92 million soared to $857 million. Moreover, this is the fifth consecutive quarterly earnings growth Amazon Co. Today, Amazon’s market capitalization of about $386 billion, and thus become the world’s fourth largest technology company, just behind apple, Google (micro-blog) parent company Alphabet and Microsoft. Amazon’s growth and development has also led to the Seattle region.相关的主题文章: