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Active interaction is what stem? The car had the machine — 3X new tricks – Sohu automobile Sohu [lamp] to start the domestic automobile beam independent brands, Chery is definitely a role can not be ignored. The plant for nearly 20 years, Chery from the Anhui Wuhu start-up, gradually embarked on the layout of the country and even overseas road, and in a very long time, Chery was once the first independent brand, QQ, and other models in the high streets and back lanes appearance rate is not high. Of course, any brand in the early days can not escape but imitate the routines, the Japanese Department of the Han Dynasty was the case, Chery, of course, is the same, this is a normal phenomenon of the development of the automotive industry. After so many years of accumulation, Chery has a high point and accumulate steadily, with positive development embarked on the development of AI Ruize 5, Tiggo family, frequently broken million monthly sales is not easy, as the independent brand can achieve such results, worthy of our praise for its point. I believe the present trend of domestic car, we all have heard more or less in the current SUV market based on a piece of the Red Sea, any product enough SUV models to sell more than 20 thousand vehicles, 000 seems to be what is not difficult. Of course, Chery does not understand this truth, so have made good sales Tiggo family, a new small SUV came into being, it is what we say today for young people to create 3X. 3X is the Chery 2 Tiggo strategy following AI Ruize 5, Tiggo 7 after the third models, using the latest Chery Life in motion concept, shape into "young elements play", the overall look of young fashion. Grille with family design, at the same time with the double color front bumper, black eyebrow and roof rack, the more prominent small city SUV style. Interior collocation, asymmetric console with orange and black is also consistent with the aesthetic values of young people nowadays, the design of the dashboard from the pursuit of the trend of the elements of the law. While the central 8 inch display, yes, that is it today, it is the protagonist, equipped with a smart Internet traffic system jointly developed with iFLYTEK Cloudrive2.0. As for how he can be the highest sale price less than 80 thousand yuan of tiger 3X play new tricks, don’t we then look down. Cloudrive2.0 advantage in where? As we all know, now our lives have long been inseparable from the network, the speed of the network greatly enrich our lives. Does that mean we don’t have a lot of speed when we’re driving, or when the phone is running out, or if it’s not enough? 3X seems to give the answer, Cloudrive2.0 Chi Yun Internet traffic system equipped with it, not only has the speed of 4G networks, also has a response speech system, CarPlay mobile phone and mobile phone APP remote monitoring and mapping interconnection function quickly, allowing users to play whenever and wherever possible. So what are the highlights of the Cloudrive system relative to other systems? The biggest bright spot should be based on its 4G speed signal response speed. From the author’s body!相关的主题文章: