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A Zhuzhou man car modified car collision police prosecution decks taxi (original title: man decks taxi driver to resist inspection alleged intentional injury crime prosecution) net Zhuzhou County in September 20th September 20th, Hunan province Zhuzhou County People’s Procuratorate accused xiaomou suspected of intentional assault case, the prosecution to the Zhuzhou County People’s court. Xiaomou will be converted into a private car taxi deck after participating in the operation, and another car crash. After investigation, February 2016, the defendant xiaomou secretly will own a Beijing modern car converted into a taxi, and the suspension of the fake taxi licence, participate in the taxi operation. The afternoon of May 2nd, xiaomou driving this car deck fake taxi, docked at the Zhuzhou County Cultural Road, the traffic police and the police found Lee wang. In the process of investigation, xiaomou knowing that Lee stood in front of the car, to produce the relevant documents under the condition of forced launch vehicles, Lee will be forced in the taxi on the hood, then regardless of Lee’s life safety, take down dangerous steering wheel, emergency brake, accelerate out driving, will lee left on the ground, causing Lee left shoulder injury, identified constitutes a minor two. After the incident, the defendant xiaomou surrendered to the public security organs, and truthfully confessed their crimes, and to feel deeply regret their impulsive behavior. The case will be scheduled for trial. (net correspondent Lin Jingqi) recommended: Changsha video police found the decks taxi driver actually ran wildly

株洲一男子私车改套牌的士 驾车冲撞协警被起诉(原标题:男子驾驶套牌的士抗拒检查 涉嫌故意伤害罪被起诉)红网株洲县9月20日讯 9月20日,湖南省株洲县人民检察院就被告人肖某涉嫌故意伤害罪一案,向株洲县人民法院提起公诉。肖某将私家车改装成的士,套牌后参与营运,并驾车冲撞他人。经查明,2016年2月,被告人肖某私自将自己的一辆北京现代小车改装成的士,并且悬挂了假的士牌照,参与的士营运。5月2日下午,肖某驾驶这辆套牌假的士,停靠在株洲县文化路时,被交警王某和协警李某发现。在查处过程中,肖某明知李某站在车头、让其停车出示相关证件的情况下,强行发动车辆,将李某逼倒在的士引擎盖上,随后不顾李某的生命安全,采取猛打方向盘、急刹、加速摆脱的危险驾驶方式,将李某甩在地上,造成李某左肩受伤,经鉴定构成轻伤二级。案发后,被告人肖某到公安机关投案,如实交代了自己的罪行,并对自己冲动的行为感到深深后悔。该案将择日开庭审理。(红网 通讯员 林靖琦)推荐视频: 长沙交警发现套牌的士 司机竟疯狂逃窜相关的主题文章: