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Yiyang vegetable wholesale market burst fire scene a woman killed in Hunan Yiyang vegetable wholesale market burst fire scene of a woman killed in the original title: tuanzhou market fire Heshan District Heshan District of Yiyang city tuanzhou vegetable wholesale market in Yiyang City burst fire to clean up the scene and found a dead Yiyang online news (reporter Song Dan) in September 24th September 23rd at about 21:20 a burst of fire, tuanzhou vegetable wholesale market is located in Yiyang City, the streets of heshan. City Fire Brigade alarm rushed to the scene of the fire fighting. As of September 23rd 24, the fire has been extinguished. According to preliminary estimates, the market burned area of about 1500 square meters. According to the 9.23 fire rescue headquarters of the latest news: tuanzhou vegetable wholesale market fire has caused one death, by night search and rescue, today at 8:30 in the morning the victims (Liu Mouqun, female, 43 years old, tuanzhou vegetable wholesale merchants) remains have been found and transported to the funeral home. At present, the Yiyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, Yiyang city fire brigade is organizing the police, fire officers and soldiers, hidden investigation at the scene to maintain order and divert traffic around the work. After the fire occurred, the local Party committee and government to quickly start the relevant plans, fire fighting organization, to ensure the safety of surrounding. Cause of the fire is under investigation. (Yiyang online)相关的主题文章: