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UnCategorized TV viewers will instantly recognize the iconic image of Dwight Schrute, one of the main characters from the .edy "The Office," sitting at his desk carefully–and noisily–shredding each piece of trashed paper or credit card. The wasted time involved and the mundanity of the task asks: couldn’t there be a better way to handle this task? For offices or businesses that deal in confidential documents (hint: that is pretty much everyone), a paper shredding service can actually handle your paper shredding much more efficiently and securely so that your employees are not hampered by this menial chore. Paper shredding services work in a variety of different ways and are generally flexible to the set-up you require. Most often, they place a secure bin in your office for all your confidential documents to go into. Then, they will periodically .e around with their equipment and shred it all for you in just minutes. Because their systems are much larger and more advanced than a typical office shredder, it can handle large mounds of papers much faster than a traditional machine. Furthermore, a paper shredding service is generally more confidential because sensitive documents are not left lying around, waiting for you to take the time to shred them. By having an easy bin to store them all in, you can toss them immediately rather than letting them sit for days at a time. Or, if you would not prefer a periodic service, most .panies will offer a one-time "shred-fest," where they will swing by your location and take all the papers you want shredded at once. Another benefit of a shredding service is that most services have all their paper recycled, ensuring that the paper you used does not end up in just another landfill. Still, it might seem counterintuitive to outsource a task that almost anyone can handle. But when you start to think of all the costs involved with running an office shredder, it starts to make sense. Because most typical shredders can only take a few papers at a time, an employee can be sitting their for hours trying to dispose of everything. Furthermore, their is maintenance and operational costs involved–the shredder has to stay running smoothly, there are electricity costs involved, etc. Rather than invest money in a office shredder that will slow your .pany down, consider turning to a paper shredding service to handle all of your confidential documents and papers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: