A man in Zhoushan crazy white rush to steal half a year more than 40 cases of crime-haywire

The man crazy white rush 40 more than half of the crime of stealing this year 3 months, more than 40 "white rush case Dinghai rural. After more than a month of careful investigation, recently, this frequently in Dinghai rural manufacturing "Bai Chuang" case of suspects, Dinghai District Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade, Shuangqiao police station, Jiefang Road police station joint capture. The July 6th day, Mr. Feng Bridge Dinghai street community home in Shuangqiao Shi was breaking into, but fortunately no loss of valuables. The same day, who lives in the community by Mr. Hu Ziwei 7500 yuan in cash to breaking way and stole two floor room in the house. After receiving the report, two police immediately organized the police rushed to the scene, after careful field investigation found that two cases of crime means the same with the previous area of several cases of usurpation of crime means is very similar, are using a "white break" form of burglary, crime and criminals skilled, anti detection awareness the scene is also very strong, leaving no trace, basically belong to the same person. To this end, the police from the video surveillance to find a breakthrough, the social relations of the informant to do a survey, exclude acquaintances possibility of committing crimes. Subsequently, the police again on the recent invasion of property case re investigation, and finally in the vicinity of the crime scene surveillance video data to capture the suspect to climb the window peeping inside the clues, and determine the criminal suspect has repeatedly theft criminal record ding. The target is locked, the police immediately arrested, because Dingmou missing, the police through the repeated investigation, the investigation to the whereabouts of the night back to Dingmou months of waiting, and successfully captured the suspect ding. After the review, Ding also refused to explain the theft facts, the police then went to a residence in the search, found that Ding’s three pairs of shoes, after these shoes footprint identification, found that the crime scene extraction of samples of the same shoe left. After investigation, the suspect Ding Mou, 56 years old this year, Dinghai Cen people, there is no fixed job, the crime of intentional injury, hooliganism, theft convictions, in February this year released a mad burglary in cash, gold and silver jewelry, cigarettes and other belongings, worth more than 10 yuan. At present, Ding has been under criminal detention in accordance with the law, the case is under further investigation.

舟山一男子疯狂“白闯”偷盗 半年作案40余起今年3月以来,舟山定海农村发生四十余起“白闯”案件。经过一个多月的缜密侦查,近日,这个频频在定海农村制造“白闯”案的犯罪嫌疑人,被定海区公安分局刑侦大队、双桥派出所、解放路派出所联合抓获。7月6日白天,家住定海双桥街道桥头施社区的冯先生家中被人撬门进入,所幸无贵重物品损失。同天,家住紫微社区的胡先生家中也被人以撬门方式盗走二楼房间内的7500元现金。接到报案后,双桥派出所立即组织民警赶到现场,经过仔细的现场勘查发现,两起案件作案手段相同,与以往辖区发生的几起侵财案件的作案手段也十分相似,都是采用“白闯”形式行窃,且犯罪分子作案技术娴熟,反侦查意识也很强,现场没有留下痕迹,基本确属同一人所为。为此,民警从视频监控入手寻找突破口,对报案人的社会关系做一番调查,排除熟人作案的可能。随后,民警又对近期发生的侵财案件再次勘查,终于在案发地周边的监控视频资料内捕捉到了犯罪嫌疑人爬窗窥视屋内情况的线索,并确定犯罪嫌疑人系有多次盗窃前科的丁某。目标锁定后,民警立即展开抓捕工作,由于丁某行踪不定,民警通过多次调查走访,侦查到丁某的行迹去向后连夜蹲点守候,并成功将犯罪嫌疑人丁某抓获。经审查,丁某还拒不交代盗窃事实,民警遂往丁某住处进行搜查,发现丁某的三双鞋子,后将这些鞋子进行足迹鉴定,发现与作案现场提取的样本系同一鞋子所留。经查,犯罪嫌疑人丁某,今年56岁,定海岑港人,没有固定工作,有故意伤害罪、流氓罪、盗窃罪前科,今年2月刑满释放后,他疯狂入室盗窃现金、金银首饰、香烟等财物,案值10余万元。目前,丁某已被依法刑事拘留,案件正在进一步侦查中。相关的主题文章: