A man in Longyan by bike turn into 4 meter deep pit road is a section of the incident christie stevens

A man in Longyan by bike turn into 4 meter deep pit road is a section of the incident – on both sides of the road are pit Taiwan network November 14th news (Strait Herald reporter Li Guirong Dai Lijuan correspondent Li Qianwen Wu Mei Dong Xiao Bei Lu, Longyan map) in Xinluo District of the pipeline, road digging. In late November 13th 9, a 4 meter deep pit, the pit was a man: one car plunged into a pit, but fortunately was saved. The Herald reporter survey found, Xiao East Road, many large and small pits, lack of safety warning signs. "There is no street lamp, there is a hole on the road." Mr. Lin called on the construction unit should strengthen safety management. Burst: night riding turn into 4 meter pit 13 evening 9:28, Longyan fire squadron received the alarm, a man riding a motorcycle accidentally fell into a pit in the North East shaw. Fire officers and soldiers rushed to the scene, saw the roadside a few meters deep pit, a middle-aged man was lying. This middle-aged man, lying in the bottom of the pit is motionless, covered with mud, shivering, motorcycle also fell on the side. Immediately, the rescue personnel into the pit, it will save the water from the pit. Fortunately, the man is no longer affected. Yesterday, the Herald reporter saw at the scene, the number of construction workers working. "4 meters deep, the laying of culvert." A person in charge of construction, the day after work, the pit side set up warning signs, I do not know why men fall into them. Survey: one way is the pit unsafe yesterday, the Herald reporter saw Xiao East Road all the way past in the construction, the road lined with large and small pits, there are several meters deep. The pit side, some set a construction wall, beside the stand during construction, Caution! "Warning signs, some with small flags as a warning to others without any warning. Lin said the public, where the traffic is large, there are no street lights at night, and the two sides of the road excavation at the same time, an inattentive, may turn into the pit, very dangerous". Lin called for the construction unit to strengthen safety management, eliminate security risks, to give residents a safe travel environment. Response: to strengthen the safety management work has been deployed yesterday, the Herald reporter contacted the Longyan City Construction Investment Development Co., Ltd., the road project responsible person Mr. Huang said, the project started from July this year, both sides of the road in addition culvert, completion is expected by the end of. He said, along the way has placed more than and 300 warning signs, after the incident, has requested the construction to strengthen safety management, increase the number of "bright lights" warning device, at the same time, adopt the method of digging and filling, to avoid the accident happen again.相关的主题文章: