A Huaian driver fatigue caused two people were trapped in the car rear end collision segotep

A Huaian driver fatigue driving two car rear end a man trapped in the evening of September 27th 5 o’clock, in the territory of Lianshui County of Huaian City, Ning An Xiang Lian Jiang Highway, two in a moving truck suddenly collision accident, a person trapped in the car, the situation is very critical, Lianshui County Fire squadron received the alarm immediately rushed to the scene to rescue. Firefighters arrived at the scene and found that the accident was a truck rear end in front of a large truck, a small truck caused severe deformation of the front, the driver’s leg was stuck, unable to move, the situation is very critical. According to the scene, the first use of hydraulic pressure on the driver’s cab expansion, but due to the severe deformation of the cab position, the rescue space is narrow, rescue difficult. Firefighters immediately change the rescue plan, to ensure the safety of a driver under the condition of the use of hydraulic clamp, hydraulic expander and other rescue tools for expansion of the cab, and strive for greater space rescue. After 20 minutes of emergency rescue, trapped people were rescued. According to the front of the truck driver said, when the incident happened, he from Lianyungang to Nanjing normal driving, when driving to the road, suddenly heard the sound of abnormal noise, then found his car suddenly accelerated pace a lot, he immediately stopped to check the situation. The truck driver said last night did not sleep well, fatigue driving cause driving rear end. Soon, 120 ambulances rushed to the scene, the injured were taken to hospital for treatment, the police are investigating the cause of the accident is under further investigation.相关的主题文章: