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A big burden to live on less money than the wayward [Abstract] "" Tang unparalleled zero in order to let the game player more fun, zero burden to fight in the middle of the year, launched a large-scale relief operations, and in the second session of the conference game player published some of the burden, the burden of the project recently launched one after another. Small deliberately close to the summary of the major burden for everyone, without the burden of broadcasting tips, fast on-line try. The burden is divided into time burden and consumption burden of two parts. Time: reduce the burden of boring, good fight! Are you planning greatly caring for the game player designed many time-saving burden content, minimize the boring time online. Through the improvement of boring tasks, reducing the threshold of tasks and giving more ways to reduce the task of boring. Such as the opening of a team run business in the form of game player can hold together in business, as long as there is a hard captain, lying can also receive rewards. This burden is also prepared to help the less advanced game player content. Players below the level of the server can gain experience bonus, low level players can enjoy the advanced play faster, feel different game tasks. Expeditionary task burden, inter service team and other projects will also be gradually reducing the burden of time on the line. The consumer – goods burden more, more reward! Through the full range of multi angle to increase the reward on the store shelves, all kinds of more demand of goods, at the same time with the price promotion, game player can more easily get more easily buy their own good heart. Recharge prizes, the more the more rewards, and the number and speed of the players will be greatly enhanced reputation. Zhai and City store Yinbao contribution has been included in the scope of the burden, more demand for commodities will be on the line. In addition, there are a lot of content consumption burden will be on the line, including the mall promotions, play price, reward and reward delivery times exploits etc.. Xiao Bian also prepared a variety of fun activities for everyone. Pay attention to "public participation", Tang unparalleled zero one day activities, can accumulate points for wisdom spree. At the same time, game player "in the" Tang unparalleled zero official forum posts experience will have the opportunity to get experience officer packs reward. Want to love the scan more burden content to vote? Or do you want to improve the planning? The burden of special details within the topic will be on the line, can understand the content of each of the burden, but also can vote advice. Without the burden of action is just the beginning, the future will be more vital, without starting from the game player experience, to alleviate the burden of the game, so we have to fight!相关的主题文章: