700 poor students in poor areas of university enrollment continues to grow diying

700 poor students in poor areas of university enrollment growth of Peking University in September 3rd ushered in more than 4000 undergraduate students of grade 2016. Reporters learned that this year, Peking University, a total of more than 700 rural students enrolled for the most recent years. Among them, the school has a total of nearly 500 students enrolled in rural areas, accounting for more than 16.3%, continue to maintain the growth trend year by year. Peking University Admissions relevant person in charge, this year, the total enrollment from the mainland, Hong Kong and Macao regions and 42 countries of the 4380 freshmen, including nearly 400 provinces (course) college entrance examination more than five university national competition gold medalist 70% of the top ten. Because of the excellent candidates to university in 22 provinces science scores ranked first in Colleges and universities, liberal arts scores in the same type, the scale of university ranking first. According to the admissions statistics, this year the five academic competition in the team has recommended qualification of students, 64% were admitted or signing the north, mathematics, physics and chemistry training team members more than 80% Peking university. Five university contest produced a total of 439 gold medals in the country, more than the choice of Peking University, mathematics, physics, chemistry, gold medal players in the selection of the North University of 85% in the north of china. Has been at the end of the course the International Olympiad, China athletes won 20 gold, 3 silver grades, including Peking University students won 14 gold and 1 silver medals, won nearly 70%. It is noteworthy that this year, in order to better adapt to the new reform of the college entrance examination, the first time in Zhejiang province Trinity Trinity comprehensive evaluation of enrollment. The comprehensive evaluation of the selection process is divided into preliminary examination, written examination, interview three aspects, finally, according to the college entrance examination scores, the independent test scores, high school proficiency test 6:3:1 ratio to calculate the comprehensive scores of merit. In order to facilitate the candidates, the university specialized in Zhejiang to set up a written examination and interview. In the end, in accordance with the enrollment plan, 50 students successfully admitted to Zhejiang. In rural students recruiting, Beijing University this year and further intensify the implementation of special programs in poor areas and dream plan efforts. Special programs in poor areas, enrollment growth, school enrollment 192 people, the number of new high; "dream plan" a total enrollment of 131 identified candidates, 118 of whom line plus candidates, the number of nearly 2 times last year. In addition, the north is still "liberal plan", independent recruitment and college admission of candidates in rural areas policy. In order not to let any students drop out of school because of poverty, this university student financial assistance center and the University Network Laboratory jointly developed "North funded" mobile phone APP, the APP can be completed independently by students including the complete family economic situation, to apply for scholarships in the entire application process, can also be modified and updated for information, see the application process. Yang Aimin, director of Peking University Student Funding Center, said that the use of funding APP, the center can help students at any time to push the information. This contact is more secure than the traditional way, there will be no telephone fraud and other issues. R & D teacher told reporters, APP in the data upload and prevent leakage to take effective security measures, and information database encryption, high security. This year, pass相关的主题文章: