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Diabetes Diabetes is a terrible disease that no one should allow to stay too long in your body. As terrible as it is people still escape it. Although this illness is spread all over the world and it has affected more than 280 million people in the world. If you know that you have this illness you need to read this article so that you will know how to escape this deadly disease. There are signs that you may not escape this dangerous disease and if you dont fight to escape it, then the probability of loosing your life in the process is very high. Read these 7 tips and try to change your life style. 1. Not ready to change your eating habit: If youre not ready to change your eating habit and stick to the stipulated time of eating, then youre risking your life. You need to control your eating habit to be able to fight this deadly disease. 2. Not want to do any physical exercise: One of the causes of diabetes is obesity. You need to help yourself in fighting this illness by doing some physical activities. Doing some exercise will surely help you to get rid of some unnecessary calories which will eventually help you to be physically fit. If youre diabetes patient, you dont need to be gaining weight because it is not good for your body at this time. Remember that those that discipline themselves and fight this disease are the one that eventually survive it. 3. Eating food that contain too much of sugar: As a diabetes sufferer, you shouldnt be eating food that are highly rich in sugar. Sugar is dangerous to the body generally not to talk of diabetes sufferer. To any sufferer sugar is high way to the grave that is why you need to do away with it if you dont want to lose your life for diabetes. 4. Eating too much fat: I use to tell people that are very close to me that as a diabetes victim eating food that contain fat is poison. If you continue eating fat food then ure digging your grave. I am very sorry for the harsh word but that is the truth. So, you need to remove it from your list of foods and try as much as possible to stay healthy. 5. Not being active: You need to be very active as diabetic patients.Not being active will not help u at all it will only add to your problem. You dont need isolate yourself because you are affected by this illness but go out and move around with your friends. This will be your heart to flow properly and guide it from any disease. You need to be very happy with your life and hang out with your friends in order to stay healthy and not allow any depression and bad thought in your life. 6.Eating too much of oil: If you can engage in eating food that have oil as a diabetes patient is bad. You need to stop this if you really value your life. Remember diabetes kill and you should fight against it with everything youve got. 7.Eating junk and processed food: If u continue to eat any processed or junk food then youre one of those that may not survive this deadly diseases. Do everything possible to survive this disease and gain your health back. Your life should be more important to you and that is why you need to fight seriously against anything that want to take that life from you. Do you know that u can survive diabetes in no time. Click here to see how people get rid of diabetes with doctor intervention. You can also learn some secrets that will make you recover very quickly from this disease click on diabetes miracle to see its wonder. For more information on how to cure diabetes forever, go to .tinyurl../q8cbrsa 相关的主题文章: