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Real-Estate This is Chicago. Built on sheer force of will first on the marsh land of Lake Michigans western shore and then from the ashes of the Great Fire Chicago is the hub of a region of unsurpassed business, cultural and educational opportunities. The Chicagoland region (extending from the Wisconsin border across the Indiana border and 40 miles west from the lakefront) continues to grow and prosper, allowing opportunities to evolve. With a metropolitan population that could reach 10 million by the end of the decade, Chicago is the heart of the Midwest. Pulsing with energy, its veins take the form of railways, highways, rivers, and airstreams. Chicago is an indispensable location for national and international transport of both passengers and tons of .mercial freight. Chicagoland generates a vast supply of products and services that benefit the local, national and international markets. Long known for its meatpacking and food processing industries, Chicago has built upon its blue-collar industry while pushing the envelope in high-tech industries. The regions economic success is built, in large measure, on the creativity and hard work of its entrepreneurs and business leaders. Special emphasis is being given to education quality and accountability, and the fairness of taxation and regulations that are needed to keep our region growing and to generate well-paying jobs for future generations. The Mayor, his staff, the local political fathers and business leaders work hand in hand to address the issues and opportunities faced in this fast changing, .petitive environment. Together, they, with the cooperation and help of the proud residents of Chicago work to continue making progress at positioning Chicago as one of the best places to live and work in America! Rising globalization has exposed urban economies to both greater risk and reward. Chicago is a true success story in the global derby. Much of Chicagos revival stems from its function as a business center with highly developed infrastructure. Chicago is looking globally to benchmark its performance to worldwide standards, and continues to rise to meet these benchmarks. As global .petition raises the bar, Chicago will continue to reach new heights of performance in quality and production in all industries. Business services and finance has be.e Chicago’s primary function. In no small part, service growth was boosted by the development of world-class air travel and business meeting facilities and from a revival in the attraction of the central city as a place to live. With home ownership levels at an all time high in the United States and interest rates continuing at historic lows, there is every indication that the residential real estate market is poised for solid growth well into the foreseeable future. Truly, Chicago is on the cutting edge on everything and every subject involving global .petition and economic success that brings a new sense of pride of living and working in The City of Chicago. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: