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UnCategorized The boiler in your hot water heating system is more complex than a forced air system, but there are many external elements you can maintain yourself. Problems with the boiler itself should be dealt with by a Boiler Service professional, mainly a licensed Plumbing Contractor. A professional Plumbing contractor has the proper knowledge to perform boiler repair and installation. Things to check yourself: Here is a short list of things you can check first when your boiler is not heating properly. 1. Check your circuit breakers or fuses to make sure the boiler is getting electrical power. 2. Check the boiler pressure to see if it is within standards. A typical pressure is 12 psi, but check with your manufacturer for specifics. If the pressure is low, add water to the boiler. 3. Check the expansion tank by feeling the tank’s side. The tank should feel hot at the bottom and much cooler at the top. If it is hot throughout, then 4. Check for proper heat flow from the individual radiators throughout your home. Open the air bleed valves on the cold radiators until water comes out, then close the vents again. When to call in the professionals: If none of these quick checks helps restore the heat to your home, then you need to contact a Boiler Repair company. We have the experience in Boiler Service to analyze the more complex issues with a boiler. We will inspect your control valves, pressure control valve and circulator pump. These valves and pumps need to be adjusted to maintain proper water and air levels in your system. Your expansion tank may not have the proper water to air ratio and we may charge or drain it as necessary. Expansion tanks may be located in attics or other spaces difficult for homeowners to access. We have the experience to locate these tanks and drain them safely without harming your home. If you have water leakage around your boiler, you may need replacement of pressure relief valves or the circulator pump. That can involve draining your boiler of all water, not an easy or clean process for homeowners. We perform replacement services quickly and with no impact on your home. Sometimes the pipes leading from the boiler need flushing or shimming adjustments to help the water flow. We specialize in those types of plumbing repairs as well. When you have questions about Boiler Repair, contact our experienced professionals; We will help you get the heat back in your home right away. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: