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Yoga Are you wandering for yoga classes? If you nod your head in agreement, then Yoga in Gurgaon is the one who you should look for. Yoga is originated from a Sanskrit word which simply means Yuj or union. It is concerned with the union of the individual soul with the Divine soul. It is a science of development of mans consciousness. The history is very old. Nothing can be said clearly about its origin. Only, it was believed that yoga was originated from India. Yoga is also mentioned in Ramayana, Mahabharata and Upanishads. Even Patanjali wrote about yoga in 147 BC. Surdas, Tulsidas and Kabir also mentioned about yoga in their writings. No one can deny the fact that modern age is full of stress, apprehension and tension. Nobody is leading a happy and fruitful life. They are running after money. For them, money is father, money is mother and money is God. In other words, money is everything for them. They have excessive money in their bank lockers, even then they are mentally disturbed. Everybody is in hurry. They cannot sleep without sleeping bills. Most of the people are leading such kind of life style. Thats why, these people are falling prey to various ailments. At this juncture, Yoga in Gurgaon plays a very significant role. Outstanding benefits of Yoga are: Cure and Prevention from ailments: There are several ailments which usually hamper the smooth functioning of people. Yoga not only prevents them from myriad diseases but also cures the root cause of diseases. Numerous yoga exercises boost the immunity power of an individual. If an individual performs yoga exercises regularly, he cannot fall prey to diseases. A large number of diseases such as arthritis, bronchitis, sinusitis, high blood pressure, leprosy, asthma, heart attack, menstrual disorders, stress, urinary disorders and many problems can be prevented as well as cured by performing yoga exercises regularly. Beautification of Body: Everyone in this world wants to have a beautiful body, because it is highly appreciated by everyone and in every society. Nowadays, obesity is the most .mon problem. Everybody wants to be slim, because overweight people do not feel .fortable in any society. Several yoga asanas are the optimal ways to get rid of this problem. Yogasanas make the body strong and supple while Mayurasana is beneficial for facial beauty. Provide Relaxation: Rest and relaxation are vital for eradicating fatigue whether it is a physical or mental. When an individual involve in any physical or mental work after some time, he or she feel fatigue. Shavasana and Makarasana are really very beneficial for relaxation. Padmasana and Nadam Sadhana are best means of reducing mental fatigue. Augment Concentration Power: The concentration power plays a very significant role in every field. In fact, endurance, strength and desire to excel lose their meaning if there is no concentration. Some asanas such as Padmasana, Vriksasana and Kapalbharti are beneficial for the improvement of concentration power. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: