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Drunk man lied bomb flight involving false police arrested the Sohu News Morning News (correspondent Yang Chun Pu seized reporter Qian Ming) a man drank a little high, in order to come to deal with things the police attention, claiming to have a bomb on the flight from Nanjing to Changsha". However, after the inspection, there is no such thing, the flight because the man false police cause no small economic losses. The day before, someone’s man was arrested Pukou prosecution. Late last December 19th evening, a Pukou District citizen Wang Bing gave the child 10 years old birthday, at the end of the banquet, a few friends even quarrel, also called the police. Wang Bing felt that his face could not be hung, and he had drunk some wine and talked with the police. This is a police police fight, you do not tell him to say. Wang Bing was not satisfied with it. He said that someone had stolen his ten thousand dollars, and later asked the police to find someone, hoping to attract the attention of the police. The police advised him not chaos, Wang Bing felt no attention, then said: "if there was a bomb on the plane you no matter?" This really worked, the police asked him what he meant, and told him that if false police reported, it is to bear legal responsibility. When the police deal with the quarrel, Wang Bing inquires the flight information with his mobile phone. Not long after, he dialed 110, saying there was a bomb on a flight from Nanjing to Changsha at 9 a. m.. 110 police officers heard the news, quickly transferred to the airport police station police. A check, more than 9 o’clock that night, indeed, there is a flight from Nanjing to Changsha. To this end, the airport to start contingency plans, aircraft personnel all out of the plane, through security check. In addition, the airport and the police out of 42 cars, number more than 200 people. After more than two hours of investigation, the police finally confirmed that the aircraft is safe. After the investigation, Wang Bing had suffered from mental illness. In order to confirm, the police commissioned the identification agency to carry out psychiatric appraisal. The results showed that he had full criminal responsibility when he was warning the police. Recently, Wang Bing was arrested on suspicion of fabricating false terrorist information and was arrested by the Pukou procuratorate. According to the introduction, the statutory penalty for such crimes is fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention or control for less than 5 years. (characters in the paper pseudonym)

男子酒后谎称航班有炸弹 涉报假警被捕-搜狐新闻  晨报讯(杨春 通讯员 浦检 记者 钱鸣)一男子酒喝得有点高了,为了引起前来处理事情的民警注意,声称南京至长沙的一架航班上有“炸弹”。不过事后经过检查,根本就没这回事,航班因为男子这一假警造成不小经济损失。日前,涉事男子被浦口检方批捕。   去年12月19日晚,浦口区一市民王兵给孩子过10岁生日,宴席快结束时,几个朋友竟然吵起架来,还喊来了警察。王兵觉得面子上挂不住,而且他当时喝了一些酒,就跟民警唠叨起来。出警民警本是处理吵架一事,就没有跟他多说。王兵对此很不满意,他一会儿说有人偷了他的一万块钱,一会儿又让警察找人,希望引起警方的注意。警方劝他不要添乱,王兵觉得自己没有受到重视,便叫嚣:“如果飞机上有炸弹你们管不管?”这话果然起作用,民警问他是什么意思,并告诉他,如果报假警,是要承担法律责任的。   趁警方处理吵架一事时,王兵用手机查询航班信息。没多久,他拨打了110,称当晚9点多钟,一架南京飞长沙的航班上有炸弹。110接警员听到这个消息,赶紧转给机场派出所的民警。一查,当晚9点多钟,果然有一班飞机是从南京飞往长沙的。为此,机场启动应急预案,机上人员全部下飞机重过安检。此外,机场和警方出动了42辆车,200多号人。经过两个多小时的排查,警方最终确认,这班飞机是安全的。   案发后经调查,王兵曾患有精神疾病,为确认,警方委托鉴定机构对他进行了精神鉴定,结果显示,他在报警时,有完全刑事责任能力。近日,王兵因涉嫌编造虚假恐怖信息罪,被浦口检察院批捕。据介绍,这类犯罪的法定刑罚,是5年以下的有期徒刑、拘役或管制。(文中人物系化名)相关的主题文章: