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On the first day after the festival, did the local government go to work? There are still a lot of late – Sohu news Yinchuan Civic Hall is the largest government service complex in Ningxia, more than 700 service windows for the public and enterprises to provide more than 400 approval and public service matters handled. 14 morning just arrived in office time, the reporter sees in the citizen hall, the citizen that comes to transact business is not much, but except a few mobile window outside, service window has staff to be able to transact business on the job. Reporters saw the work soon after the administrative examination and approval of Yinchuan City Bureau of the relevant person in charge to the public hall, one by one business window staff to pay New Year’s call. A staff of the Bureau, first to pay New Year’s call to the window Festival cadres, not only express the blessing heart, but also on the window to the supervision and inspection of the gang, "one window walking to see, which window is late, which lack of post at a glance". At 8:50 in the morning, the reporters came to the Hefei City Economic Development Zone Branch of Local Taxation Bureau tax hall, each service window of the staff have been transferred. Except for the masses is the tax window, the rest of the staff meeting to be convened in an official side, the reporter heard the responsible person repeatedly referred to work after not late. Beijing, a grass-roots Street cadres said that the past few years after the Spring Festival, not many days later, or only a half day classes, and many other situations. Before the holiday this year, the leadership stressed that the post holiday absenteeism was not allowed, "going home for the new year, afraid of road delays", has bought a return ticket". The year of the first working day after the Spring Festival holiday coincides with Valentine’s day, many people choose the day of registration of marriage. Wuhan Wuchang District Civil Affairs Commission marriage registration center full of new people ready to register, business hall 7 windows all open, the staff quickly check new information. A pair of new people said, also worried before the first day of the civil affairs department to work is not much, more people less window, "did not expect the staff here, the efficiency is high."". "On the first day of the job, you see a business peak, just to get you in advance."." Wuchang District Marriage Registration Center Director Sun Jiangang said that Valentine’s Day is the peak before the marriage registration, the relevant plan has been completed, the registration center 21 workers one hour ahead of duty, half an hour ahead of the beginning of business, all day long marriage registered in more than 200. In many areas of discipline inspection and supervision departments organized thorough investigation of the first day of the festival. The results showed that the situation and working condition were improved obviously. Ningxia Wuzhong City Litong District first discipline committee secretary Zhang Guangjun said, after a work, discipline inspection system the grouping raided district departments and township streets, the inspection found all business units to carry out normal, many departments in the organization of the meeting or snow, in addition to individual staff leave, arrive in good condition". Some areas of the discipline inspection department, at present, the style of work attendance, work discipline inspection has been normalized, if someone is late, missing the post, in check will not have to be punished, especially after the first day of the key nodes, believe that most people do not hit to the muzzle".

节后第一天基层政府部门上班了吗?迟到仍不少-搜狐新闻   银川市民大厅是宁夏最大的政务服务综合体,700多个服务窗口为市民和企业提供400多项审批和公共服务事项办理。14日早晨刚到上班时间,记者在市民大厅内看到,前来办理业务的市民不多,但除少数机动窗口外,各服务窗口均有工作人员在岗可办理业务。   记者看到,上班后不久,银川市行政审批局相关负责人就来到市民大厅,挨个业务窗口向工作人员拜年。一位工作人员介绍,局领导节后首日来向窗口干部拜年,既是表达祝福心意,也是对窗口到岗率的监督检查,“挨个窗口边走边看,哪个窗口迟到,哪个缺岗一目了然”。   上午8时50分,记者来到合肥市地税局经济开发区分局办税大厅,各个业务窗口的工作人员都已到岗。除少数正在为群众办税的窗口外,其余工作人员都被召集在一位负责人旁开会,记者听到负责人多次提及节后上班不准迟到早退。   北京市一位基层街道办干部表示,过去春节过后事儿不多,晚几天上班,或者只上半天班等情况不少。今年放假前领导专门强调,决不允许节后迟到旷工,“回家过年怕路途耽误,早就买好返程机票”。   猴年春节假期后首个工作日恰逢情人节,不少新人选择当天登记结婚。武汉市武昌区民政委婚姻登记中心内坐满准备登记的新人们,业务大厅7个窗口全部开放,工作人员快速地核对新人资料。一对新人说,之前还担心节后第一天民政部门上班的不多,人多窗口少,“没想到这儿工作人员都到齐了,效率挺高的”。   “上班第一天就遇上业务高峰,刚好促使大家提前进入状态。”武昌区婚姻登记中心主任孙剑刚说,每年情人节都是结婚登记高峰,相关预案节前已做好,登记中心21个工作人员全体提前一小时到岗,提前半小时开始办理业务,全天登记结婚人数有两百多对。   不少地区纪检监察部门节后首日组织明察暗访。结果反映,到岗情况和工作状态比往年明显好转。宁夏吴忠市利通区第一纪工委书记张广军说,节后一上班,全区纪检系统就分组突击检查区直部门和乡镇街道,“检查发现各单位业务开展正常,不少部门在组织开会或扫雪,除个别人员请假外,到岗情况良好”。   一些地区纪检部门介绍,目前,对上班出勤、工作纪律等作风检查早已常态化,如果有人迟到、缺岗,遇上检查就少不了要被处分,“尤其是节后第一天这个关键节点,相信绝大多数人都不会往枪口上撞”。相关的主题文章: