End telecommunications fraud, do not take the cost of life 追踪309

The end of telecommunications fraud, not to the cost of life, said Lu Xun, the tragedy is to destroy the best things to see. And sometimes, more sad than the tragedy is that the best thing was destroyed, the destruction of the way and always repeat. According to reports, a poor family in Shandong, Linyi, 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu, this year’s college entrance examination was admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. But on August 19th in the report on the occasion, nearly, she received a general call to send her a grant phone, she cheated 9900 yuan for gospel truth, the tuition. That evening the father returned home with her heartbroken, alarm suddenly fainted, rescue two days later died of cardiac arrest. This raises concerns about the Ministry of education, Shandong police. On the same day, another girl in Linyi was also a telephone fraud, the home of 6800 yuan tuition fees cheated light. Some of the tragedy, always difficult to describe its absurdity and pathos, will bring the public "his" the valley of tears. Although the people witnessed, heard a lot of telephone fraud, caused the disastrous scene is not uncommon, but when the telephone fraud with a young girl loves a causal association, the public began to pity instinctive regret, which also spewing out. The American philosopher George · Santayana said, for each individual destiny, all grievances are profound, clear and absolute. Especially for studying hard ten years, with the hope to change the fate of Xu Yuyu, cheated million yuan of tuition is pain, bone destruction type, it is difficult to use "blessing" healing philosophy of life to heal easily. Blame is fraud strike Xu Yuyu "bad attitude" and "not deep experience", is cruel: a public protection society, will not let the citizens with a self-defense class against the way since the crisis feeling; a sound public order and good governance space, not forcing people to prevent fraud. Guide by heart, don’t let the "good people be cheated" evil practices. Not to mention, Xu Yuyu died of fraud, has rooted in reality: logic, you are just adult shallow prospective students, money is not easy, three are in the "paper to" stage. They do not understand the "precise fraud liar" routine, a blood type of fraud, the collapse of its spirit and to pivot; Xu Yuyu family was stretched, cheated nearly million yuan with a doomsday disaster means. In the end pressure bears her, this is a no less than "the sky is falling down" the grave disaster, to let her out of breath, so before death she also issued a heartbreaking feeling: "we are all so, why would anyone deceive me!" In the most splendid age, this is not gentleness world, but swallow the social consequences of the dark corner in despair, HanHen, which not only belong to Xu Yuyu’s tragedy is the tragedy. In essence, died to bear the expensive "lessons" of Xu Yuyu, is in the life of an individual to pay for telecommunications fraud. Xu Yuyu death chain, of course, the culprit is telecommunications fraud, but the other end of the student is still standing on the leaked information. If the information is leaked, telephone fraud is also difficult to directional guidance. As for telecommunications fraud, the public has long been tired of speech, its origin, it is the weak regulation of communications operators: despite.相关的主题文章: