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One day at dawn   middle school students at breakfast have difficultly? – Education: original title: a day is the morning students at breakfast have difficultly? A day is in the morning. A nutritious breakfast can ensure that students are energetic, active thinking. From a nutritional point of view, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then how to solve the problem of urban middle school students? In this regard, under the guidance of a doctor, the author and his colleagues designed a questionnaire, sent to our work in the middle of the provincial capital city of a high school classes, recycling up to nearly 600 copies of valid questionnaires. During the summer vacation, the author and his colleagues in conjunction with the doctor’s advice, the query part of the situation of middle school students in the breakfast, and the data for a comprehensive and systematic analysis. Although these data may not have a wide range of reliable reference, but as a sample, after all, it truly reflects the current part of the city’s middle school students breakfast. Nearly 60% students using the class to eat breakfast and is willing to accept the survey questionnaires, 53% of the students live on campus, and the number of boarding students had little difference. There are 50% of the class requires students to enter the class 7:00, and even the teacher of the class of 15% students 6:50 class. Students 7:10 or 7:20 into the class only 3%. The school bell rang the morning reading time is 7:20, the class belongs to the late night. The remaining 32% of the students choose other time, but also in the morning between 6:30 ~ 7:00. To this end, 52% of the students in the morning to get up between 5:30 ~ 6:00, the students in the 6:00 ~ 6:30 to get up, and even the students in the 5:00 to get up between 5:30 ~ in the morning to wake up after the students accounted for only 1% of 6:30. In the survey of 88% students, the students usually eat breakfast, a small part of the students don’t usually eat breakfast; within a week, every day 74% of students ate breakfast, eat 17% students a week every day, there are a small number of students often do not eat. What is the reason for not eating breakfast? 52% of the students are reflected in the school because of the requirements of the class early, they get up too late, no time to eat; there are nearly 30% of the students because they do not like the school breakfast and not eat. In addition, more than 70% of students eat breakfast time is normal, nearly 20% of the students to eat breakfast later. In terms of breakfast content, in the school cafeteria or school to buy steamed buns, bread, vegetables, pancakes, porridge and other students, followed by bread, milk, yogurt or drinks. 58% of the students often bring breakfast into the classroom, use the break to eat. If you encounter a holiday, 46% of the students do not eat breakfast, 43% of the students to eat, as well as the diet of the students are not regular, and sometimes eat, sometimes do not eat. Holidays do not eat breakfast at home, up to 71% people because of sleep late, get up too late, do not want to eat. In some county high school, the school requires students to more than 5 in the morning into the class early reading, breakfast, lunch, dinner time and even set to be completed within 30 ~ 40 minutes. The vast majority of students believe that eating breakfast相关的主题文章: