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Lemon said: talk about QDII debt based We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Source: people exchange rate of RMB against the U.S. dollar recently people lemon lemon continuously hit a new low, attracted a lot of attention, a lot of people think of QDII debt, want to earn money devaluation. Let’s talk about the QDII debt base today. First, the exchange rate is not open around this matter, because the purchase of the QDII fund is RMB share, exchange rate returns, especially for bond funds, this is very important, because its bond yield is relatively low, if the exchange rate change if there is a loss, basically cannot make money. Now there is no room for the RMB exchange rate, that is, there is no room for depreciation? First look at the recent changes in the exchange rate we can clearly see that although the dollar devaluation is some, but for other currencies, the renminbi performance is still good, in other words, the relative resilience, significantly outperforming the average level of RMB fairly strong, but the dollar is too strong, but no one can aud the enemy. But there is no doubt that the recent increase in the dollar is not small, if the Fed does not raise interest rates in December, it is sure to turn down, because the expectations have been fully reflected. In the short term, the space is not large. But from the long-term perspective, the U.S. interest rate hike is inevitable, although the magnitude and speed will be very slow, but if not Chinese economic recovery, or be absorbed funds, can not stand the pressure on interest rates, there is considerable space, 5-8% a year, normal depreciation is a good thing, at least in line with the economic law the. Let’s look at the bond itself, the market interest rate and bond fund income is inversely proportional to the relationship, the U.S. rate hike pressure on bond prices, but if the interest rate is relatively slow, as this year a year only 0.25% of the space, the bond fund is not very obvious, after all these debt based investment bonds the interest is very high, eating or making steady live. Even if there is no increase in bond prices to boost earnings, you can hand over the debt based transcripts. So the U.S. interest rate hike is not bad, but how much impact is still to be observed. Take a look at the debt basic body, lemon Jun finishing under the current state of the opening of all QDII bond funds, where only the fund’s share of the fund’s statistics. A total of 16 funds, only in the suspension of the purchase of the state, the other 7 are all restricted, the 5 limit is $10 thousand per day, the limit is only 1000 yuan per day, 2. There is no relationship between the small scattered, small scattered to buy in batches. So basically, even if you can buy, do not need to compare who is good who bad, anyway, bond funds are not very different. This year, in addition to the silver dollar debt left behind, several other funds yield the highest and lowest only 2.5 percentage points. The best performance in the last three months相关的主题文章: