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400 billion pension for the market to prepare for the management of the draft – the fund’s first batch of pension fund management institutions may come from 21 companies with annuity management. Pension market gradually approaching. In October 25th, the Ministry of human resources and social security in 2016 third quarter press conference, the Department spokesman said, the next step will be organized during the year the first batch of provinces and commissioned by the Social Security Fund Council signed a contract. At the same time, will be led by the Social Security Fund Council Review Committee, the first batch of pension fund management agencies, the official start of investment operations. The same day, Shenzhen a fund company official said, according to "released in August last year, the basic pension insurance fund investment management measures" ("measures"), at present, the social security entrusted management, enterprise annuity management qualification of institutional investors, should be to enter the selection range of pension trust managers. As far as I know, before the management of the national social security fund are actively preparing materials, preparation of the relevant assessment, but the specific finalists to see the final results. After the finalists, the specific amount of how to allocate each fight." October 25th, a fund manager with social security fund portfolio qualifications said. According to the basic pension insurance fund accumulated balance, investment restrictions and local commission ratio, we estimate the basic pension insurance fund entering the market size of about 400 billion, accounting for A stock market capitalization accounted for about 1.1%, compared with the market capitalization, the basic old-age insurance fund entering the market is relatively small." Shanghai securities analyst Liu Qihao said, "because the scale of funding constraints, the pension market directly to promote the function of the stock market or is not obvious, but the long term pension investment, and in order to guarantee its relatively prudent investment style, blue chip market is the main direction of the configuration, the pension market is conducive to the stability of the market, boost market confidence." Draft arrangements pending pension fund management agencies selected by the central level negative lead. As far as we know, pension fund management agencies are likely to come from 21 companies with corporate annuity management qualifications. In the future, it is expected to be similar to a class of annuity tender selection activities, but will be more stringent, more professional. As eligible to run the fund company, we are still waiting for the specific arrangements for the selection activities." Shanghai, a fund company told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, investment management institutions or to their professional ability and past performance speak." Aforementioned fund companies in Shenzhen also said that the company is closely related to the progress of its pension management entrusted to actively prepare. "Social security fund investment managers of the latest selection of domestic investment managers, issued the hiring announcement. Then, if the pension is from the Social Security Fund Council hiring, will be issued a similar notice." Twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter noted that, according to the announcement, the specific standard of the social security trust fund investment manager, the scale of asset management fund management companies (including securities investment fund, specific customer asset management, enterprise annuity fund, QD.相关的主题文章: