Vietnam formally revoked the Russo Japanese nuclear power plant plans or a Andouble government – Bei 姉summer

Vietnam formally revoked the Russo Japanese nuclear power plant plans or a Andouble government – Beijing, Beijing, November 23, according to foreign media reports, local time 22 days this month, with the majority in favor of Vietnam Congress passed a resolution to the government, the Fukushima nuclear accident impact cost increase, tight fiscal grounds for termination has received orders from Japan and Russia’s first nuclear power plant construction plans. The plan was formally revoked. Reported that Vietnam’s decision to export nuclear power plants as one of the economic growth strategy of the Andouble administration is a big blow. The nuclear power plant, if completed, will be the first nuclear power plant in Southeast asia. However, the Vietnamese government submitted to the Congress this month on the 10 request for the termination of the resolution. It is reported that the former Prime Minister of Vietnam Ranjig actively promote the introduction of nuclear power plant during the ruling, Congress in 2009 approved the construction of a total of four nuclear power units in the central province of the province of Nanjing plans to build a total of two. Russia won the first nuclear power plant (two units) orders, the Japanese government and civil cooperation to promote the export of nuclear power plants, in 2010 was awarded the order of the second nuclear power plant (unit two). In accordance with the original plan, the first unit started in 2014, opened in 2020. But the Fukushima nuclear accident due to security measures such as new, the program was extended to the official start. According to Vietnamese media, construction costs are expected to increase from about $10 billion to about $27 billion. The possibility about the plan after the revocation of the power shortage, "said Vietnam’s economic growth rate and did not like the plan was to develop the idea so high", expressed at the moment there is no nuclear power plant is not a problem. So far the implementation of the feasibility of the introduction of the Japanese nuclear power plant in Vietnam, Vietnam’s technical staff also went to Japan to participate in the training.相关的主题文章: