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UnCategorized Who said that labor of love cannot be rewarding? Embellish your educational credentials with a degree and training in nursing in tune with your aptitude and grab a great job with benefits. Pick one of the three top-paying jobs of your liking in the Nursing industry listed below. *Director of Nursing Qualifications and Experience: A Registered Nurse, preferably with an advanced degree in nursing and experience of not less than ten years is desirable. The Nursing Director, having risen through the ranks, should not only oversee all aspects of a department’s nursing staff under his (or her) direct supervision, but should also be fully conversant with the policies and performance standards expected of them. He shall be endowed with good leadership qualities, people skills and be an able project manager for proper planning, budgeting and scheduling, for tasking the hospital administration goals through effective coordination. *Head Nurse Qualifications and Experience: A Registered Nurse with a minimum five years on-the-job experience; an associate’s degree is desirable. A wide assortment of professional medical care services are available under one roof of an established hospital: intensive care, critical care, coronary care,operating room, emergency room and obstetrics are a few of the most important among them. The Head Nurse should be capable of multi-tasking and performing a wide variety of in-house roles, not limited to evaluating, assessing and documenting the nursing activities. She should be conversant with standard concepts, practices and procedures in vogue in her area of working. She should possess the relevant professional nursing .petence of being able to handle the patients assigned to her in any of the specialized fields of medicine available in the hospital. Most importantlyshe should display her confidence in her duties and responsibilities, by relying on experience and judgment to plan and achieve personal and employer goals. *Clinical Nurse Specialist Qualifications and Experience: Master’s degree in Nursing with at least five years of field experience. Nurses with a flair for networking with a wide range of people for extending their ‘spheres of influence’ beyond just nursing, are ideally suited for this assignment. The principal dual interfaces in which their valuable contribution can lead to overall improvement of the medical care system per se are patient-family, nursing personnel-nursing practices and the intra – inter .munication systems within the hospital administration. The job may demand addressing issues pertaining to hospital’s procedures, processes and personnel, apart from the diagnostics and treatment of patients. If you have the investigative urge in you to deal with facts and figures, this is the job waiting for you,to engage yourself in research with data beyond your nursing hours! Everyone born is destined to live. Live caring for others. Make a difference. Join the nursing profession! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: