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13 years ago, Wu Tian killed brother case is now three of the wicked fall the 13 years ago, or three boys, the factory after the holiday to find a place for recreation, to earn money through a slow complained, the same is the hometown of Jiangxi they thought about the robbery, while on a rainy night, "thin" brother. Grab 200 yuan of money, they began the fugitive. As in the past 13 years, the three murder robbery has a wife, some shop when the boss, with the development of detection technology, they have no place to hide. Wenzhou Ouhai police told reporters that they have cracked this case, the last suspect Hwang, was arrested in November 10th after Jiangxi Pingxiang. All the blood brother down in the car that is in late March 11, 2003 9, the world light rain, Hu public drive through Ouhai Wutian village in a remote road, found the road parked a blue Beverly taxi, a door open, the car windshield wipers still swinging. Mr. Hu felt a little wrong, but did not take leave. Half an hour later, Mr. Hu went through here, the taxi or the original look. This time, curious Mr. Hu stopped the car, approached the view, and soon, he was shocked by the immediate scene. A man on the driver’s cab was leaning sideways, surrounded by blood! Mr. Hu immediately to the police. The police investigation found that the man is a taxi driver Zhang, was 33 years old, Henan Gushi County, his money and mobile phone was gone, this should be the case of robbery killing brother. In the car, police found two weapons, a bloody knife and a wooden handle and iron cone. Master Zhang "fatal chest injuries, the upper part of the body with multiple injuries. To find the iron cone has been bent 90 degrees, can be seen when the perpetrators of violent crime." Police said, no signs of fighting and based on the struggle of the murderer, at least three people, including one control from behind the victim makes it impossible to resist the suspect, also took the opportunity to hold the weapon attack. 13 years after the suspects captured by this in the year is also a concern of the malignant murder triggered city. The investigation of the police do everything in good order and well arranged, a lot of work, on-site investigation, investigation visits, weapon sources, second-hand mobile phone…… But there is no significant progress. 13 years ago, video surveillance is not common, it also brings difficulty to the police solve the case, but this did not change the police resolve the case. More than and 10 years later, the police investigation is also changing with each passing day, some cases have not been broken, have been detected by the police. In October of this year, Ouhai police through the investigation to get a major clue: Yugan Province, a man surnamed Zhang has a major crime suspects in Jiangxi. October 28th, police arrested a suspect in Ningbo, Xiangshan, a rental housing. According to Zhang explained that they had a total of three people committing the crime, the other two are his fellow Jiangxi, the incident that year in a garment factory work, but he knew only two people do not know the true identity of the other nickname. So many years later, the clothing factory has long been relocated, the management has also been changing. The police through various efforts, according to Zhang described the characteristics of the people, one investigation, and finally identified the suspect Xiemou and Hwang identity. November.相关的主题文章: