Spring to prevent liver disease “mischief”

Coming in the spring, bacteria and viruses are active, plus during the Chinese new year, friends and family gather, half-moon fin steaks, meat and supplement, which will add to the burden of spleen and stomach, liver, liver disease induced by recurrent. Despite the increase in virus species, a, b, c, various types of hepatitis are increasingly complex, in liver disease, the most common is chronic hepatitis b, fatty liver in particular tend to significantly increase alcoholic fatty liver. High mainly due to drinking of alcoholic fatty liver, fatty liver among middle-aged men over 40 years old to become “main force”, is due to work, business, entertainment, and “drink” than are available. Long-term excessive drinking, on the breakdown of fatty acids and metabolic disorders of the liver, fatty liver caused by fat deposition in the liver.

Although some symptoms of liver disease are not apparent, can lie dormant for years, but often have symptoms of jaundice (skin, sclera tissues of patients with jaundice), and digestive symptoms (such as loss of appetite, vomiting, nausea, tired oil) as well as pain in liver area, if you notice these symptoms should be taken to a specialized hospital for diagnosis.

Spring liver do a sample code:

Eat sleep good mood

Despite the recurrence of liver disease in the spring is extremely easy, but according to Chinese medicine, people conservation body should focus in the year round, Yang-Yang, and in spring and summer, nourishing yin in autumn and winter, who correspond to the five Zang-organs and the four seasons, spring nourishing liver and a reasonable choice for adaptation to climate change and health.

Diet: balanced nutrition, hands only tobacco and alcohol

Liver is a chemical factory, we eat the metabolism of nutrients are subject to it, turn it into a biologically active protein, lipid and glycogen, systemic organ supply needs. Therefore, on this important organ we gently treated, not violent. Nutritionists said a balanced diet of the most important, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals-five nutrients are necessary for the liver. Combination of balanced diet should be 60% per cent carbohydrates (such as rice, pasta), 20% per cent of protein (such as meat, beans), 10% per cent of multi-dimensional unsaturated fats (such as vegetable oil).

But relatively speaking, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins more welcomed by the liver, and fat intake moderate. Too much body fat, can increase the liver’s burden, they increase the risk of fatty liver disease. If the proper diet and weight, reduce body fat, liver fat is reduced to reduce burden on the liver. At the same time, control over alcohol intake, excessive alcohol consumption will increase the chances of fatty liver and alcoholic liver disease, if you already have liver disease, you should be completely sober.

Sleep: quality sleep may protect liver

Staying up late one day, the liver needs a week to resume its normal function. When the poor quality of sleep, especially when there is a sleep disorder, liver involvement, such as sleep apnea syndrome may cause liver damage. Quality sleep on liver protection is necessary.

In General, after a day of hard work, at 11 o’clock to 3 o’clock in the morning, self healing, metabolism is the liver, has entered the sleep at this time to ensure that the human body, the liver to get plenty of rest, recover. Light sleep most of the liver, and the body is horizontal, could receive more blood to nourish the liver, blood flow through the liver the most favourable liver repair.

Therefore, according to Chinese medicine, emotional protection society is the core of anger, even angry is no more than 3 minutes, try to maintain a good state of mind, calm, optimistic, cheerful, carefree, so that the liver is off, and liver of normal germinal, smooth.

What good is discectomy to treat lumbar? intervertebral disc disorder is common, frequently occurring illnesses, treatment methods, including conservative treatment, minimally invasive treatments, surgery. Conservative treatment on body without injury, is the preferred treatment method disadvantage, however, is unable to solve the problem of disc herniation. Minimally invasive treatment can partially solve the outstanding problems, suitable for conservative treatment, surgical or surgical risk patients unwilling to. Endoscopic discectomy (MED), open surgery can completely solve the disc problem, but relatively large trauma, postoperative adhesion may occur in some patients, postoperative secondary to spinal instability, accelerated degeneration of adjacent segments intervertebral disc problems. Ideal for minimally invasive treatment methods can cause of the disc herniation problem without affecting the small functional structures of the spine, trauma, recover faster. Percutaneous endoscopic discectomy technique (intervertebral foramen lens technology) it is in compliance with this requirement.

The technology is real meaning Shang of spine Endoscope System, endoscope look Xia operation, can clear, and full removed highlight organization or off vertical spinal cord nuclear, clear bone hyperplasia, and treatment vertebral tube narrow, and while using RF technology patch damaged of fiber ring; not cut deep Department Organization, not injury spine around muscle, and ligament, and bone sexual structure, maximum degree protection spine stability; trauma small, and recovery fast, and security high.

Cervical spondylosis hole mirror technology summary:

1, wide range of indication

Applies to all segments of the thoracic vertebrae to the lumbar 5 sacral 1 disc herniation, intervertebral foramen molding and annulus fibrosus repair, can deal with almost all types of disc herniation, intervertebral foramen stenosis, spinal stenosis case.

2, the results of operations exactly

With disc herniation surgery—the gold standard of consistent microscopic discectomy, surgery in the satisfaction of up to 85% per cent.

3 small, trauma

Without damage vertebral next muscle, and ligament, and without bites except vertebral plate, not effect spinal stability, can prevent operation Hou section segment sexual not stable and sliding de of occurred; unique of casing and surgery instruments design, can found and protection neural root, protection hard film outside and the neural around vein system, and prevent vein stasis and chronic neural edema; to reduced neural around and hard film outside scar formed, completely not effect failed Hou of remedy surgery; surgery wound only 0.7cm, meet aesthetics views; on inclusive type disc highlight, Pressure to protect the integrity of the annulus fibrosus and posterior longitudinal ligament, thus reducing the chances of postoperative recurrence of intervertebral disc.

4, high security

In performing the operation under local anesthesia, can interact with patients, it does not hurt and the nerves and blood vessels, intraoperative bleeding very little vision clear, greatly reduces the risk of mistakes.

5, the postoperative care is simple, only need oral antibiotics, short recovery time.

What good is discectomy to treat lumbar? hoped that through the above introduction, helpful to our friends. In short, the technology represents a new concept of minimally invasive spine surgery, and is intervertebral disc treatment breakthrough. Due to its many advantages over current international has been recognized in the field of spine surgery of intervertebral foramen endoscopic resection of nucleus pulposus will become dominant in this area.

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