33Need for speed ol December 15th pre beta will push the team sprint|Need for speed ol December 15th pre beta will push the team sprint4

"Need for speed" OL December 15th pre beta will push the team sprint novice card booking | nrburgring Sina OL game news November 16th news, realistic racing online games "need for speed" OL announced today that it will open pre beta on December 15th, pre beta grab activities will be on the morning of December 8th, 11 points ahead of the opening. It is reported that this pre beta has been optimized to adjust to the game, not only will release a new dark blue UI interface, also launched a team sprint, PVE challenge mode, room model, new gameplay system license. In addition, in November 16th the game will also open the surrounding design contest and national anchor recruitment activities. Need for speed OL will open in December 15th pre beta UI client interface to adjust the new team competition will be launched in the pre beta version, "OL nrburgring" will bring a new experience to optimize version. The game client comprehensive adjustment Black Textured UI interface, increase the package function to open the custom button, a button, the game easier. Part of the track also increased vehicle traffic barriers, enhance the fun racing challenge. The upcoming team sprint mode and past Games in the competitive multiplayer mode is not the same, in response to calls for the launch of the new game player game is game player team collective competitive place, there will be 8 game player of racing game for both teams, according to the ranking given end point game player to reach the final calculation team integral, integral, integral if the team wins, the same points, then won the first prize winning team. Need for speed OL nrburgring OL will debut TGC WCG to help TGC2016 occupation cybersports players will be held in Chengdu Century City New International Exhibition Center from December 9th to 11, when the "need for speed" OL also unveiled TGC main stage, with racing sports scene game player. It is reported that the "need for speed" OL will invite famous commentary Cui Jin, old A, and Tian Ze, Peng Qin, Takumi and other famous athletes to participate in the main stage of the TGC gaming exhibitions, with exciting events as they battle game player. At the same time, the need for speed game player involved in TGC OL independent exhibition activities, will also have the opportunity to get the backpack, including NFSOL steering wheel, the game controller and Gigabyte motherboard, the super rich rewards. The surrounding design contest & anchor recruitment open with the "need for speed" pre beta OL launches in November 16th, the game is also on the line of "peripheral design competition" and "national anchor Recruitment" two major activities. November 16th start of the national anchor recruitment activities will officially open enrollment, add the official QQ group 458046854 to get the latest recruitment dynamics. As long as the anchor recruitment assessment, players can become the official co anchor, not only has a live event recommended qualifications, will also have the opportunity to enter into a live broadcast platform, get a lot of live broadcast resources. Anchor recruitment activities and the activities of all the people to start the same period, as well as the need for speed OL peripheral design contest. Around the design contest will be opened in November 16th to collect works.

69Sidewall bump how to deal with In the end can not be up – Sohu car|Sidewall bump how to deal with In the end can not be up – Sohu car7

"Sidewall bump" how to deal with? In the end can not be "up"? – what we usually call the tire side damage of the Sohu, which refers to the shoulder and side of the tire. The sidewall is the weakest part of the tire. In the daily use of the car, if the owners do not pay attention, it is easy to cause fetal injury. Although the tire manufacturers do not recommend the repair of the tire side, but the replacement of new tires, but if there are some minor damage to the tire side will be discarded tires, for ordinary owners is obviously too luxurious. No matter how people feel, replace the tire than tire repair is much better, and can stimulate consumption, Why not?? So, in the end how to deal with the tire sidewall damage? Here, we will briefly discuss the problem. We look at the official website of the tire tire manufacturers forum, all manufacturers are not recommended to repair the tire side. In the case of Michelin, their view is the tire side damaged cord has been broken, tire bulge risks, therefore need to replace the new tires as soon as possible. Tire side damage can not be repaired? So the problem comes, the tire side damage can not be repaired, you can only choose to replace it?. In many cases, the tire side damage can be repaired. Here we need to give you a general tire structure. Now the car tires are basically radial tire, mainly by the cords and rubber composition. The ply is composed of transverse and longitudinal cords (there may be some wire cable), the main role is to load, and the main function is the rubber seal and flexible deformation. The tire is deflated after the tie, mainly because the tire is damaged, it can be repaired. But if the tire cord fabric layer is damaged, it is directly affect the strength of the tire, the more broken cord, tire greater risks. Therefore, if the tire cord is not up, after the restoration of air tightness of the tyre can still normal use. So the tire side after injury, if the ply is not damaged, can be repaired without increasing the risks of the tire. How can that be repaired? 1, through hole diameter less than 6 mm can be mended for some small sidewall wound, without causing severe damage to ply, so it is the value of the repair, such as the side of the tire is sharp pierced a hole. This is usually not broken perforation cord ply on the equivalent but not broken through the cloth cloth with the needle, so it can be mended. In view of the small area of the tire sidewall wound, professional service shop will adopt a sidewall special steel plug (commonly known as the "mushroom nail") repair. The entire repair process takes about 7 minutes, the price depends on the size of the tire and tire material, the price range from $60 to $200. With mushrooms nails repair of fetal side benefits is to repair air sealing layer, and can be put holes in the matrix fill tight, ensure repair effect is more durable. 2, the side of the rubber missing or cracking, but no leakage can be repaired if the tire does not leak, then the side of the shallow layer of rubber missing or system