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Spanish reminder: Analysis: Las Palmas Season 3 league win La Liga football [] forecast start time: 2016-10-15 vs Palmas Spanish 02:45 injury summary: Spanish Spanish? The new aid Baptie J so far this season with 1 goals and 2 assists, and striker Moreno before the 7 round into the 4 ball, the team striker doing well. Analysis of hunting ball: FUN88 2.43 3.15 2.68 FUN88: first for the instant: 2.18 3.30 3.25 Lars Palmas? Lars Palmas before the season zhanba 7 recorded a record of 3 wins, 2 draws and 2 defeats, ranked seventh in the league standings in the League Round at home court against the spaniards. Palmas? Has a unique geographical advantage, the city is located on the remote island of Spain, so the atmosphere is very warm home court, transmission control ability is the team the main characteristics of the ball pass rate and accuracy are the upstream level league. Silas? Last weekend in Palmas as a guest in a 2-2 draw with newly promoted Austrian Sassuna, suffered 3 consecutive round league tournament, the last 2 rounds were 2-2 score, the team morale hit. It is worth mentioning that the Las Palmas? This season 7 consecutive league scoring record has already this season, harvest 16 goals, visible team’s offensive ability, but the team’s recent poor record, nearly 3 wheel winless. ? from previous confrontation, the past 3 times in Las Palmas home court with Spanish recorded last season against the victory, even to 4-0 victory over Spain, visible has quite obvious advantage of home court palmas. ? as for the lineup, Lars Palmas has two strikers Jose and Vieira, last season, two of them were with 19 goals and 10 assists, is the biggest player in the team to upgrade. ? note that Lars Palmas in the season 3 Away League win, the team at the visible ability lacking, a round at Osasuna did not account for the advantage, even the two rivals fight broke. Espanyol, the Spaniard, recorded 1 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses in the first 7 rounds of the season, ranking seventeenth in spain. The Spaniards are in the middle of the Spanish League all the year round. They belong to teams that can avoid relegation, but are hard to break through. Over the weekend at home court? To draw 0-0 with Villarreal, suffered 2 consecutive round league tournament. ? the last round of the Spanish home court to face the powerful Villarreal to obtain 1 points has been regarded as a good result, believe that such a draw can greatly enhance the confidence of the team, after all, 2 visiting Spain recently recorded 1 wins and 1 draws unbeaten, but the opponent is the Royal Society and the aosasuna strong Spanish team. As for the Spanish squad? This summer, from the Premiership giants Manchester City striker Demichelis, midfielder and striker Baptista Curtis purchased Fuego Tang, Jurado and other players from Valencia, signings)

西甲提醒:拉斯帕尔马斯赛季前3次联赛客场未尝一胜   [西甲]足球预测分析:拉斯帕尔马斯vs西班牙人 开赛时间:2016-10-15 02:45   伤停汇总:   西班牙人   ? 西班牙人新援巴普蒂斯本赛季至今贡献1球2助攻,而主力前锋莫雷诺前7轮进帐4球,球队锋线表现不俗。   猎球者分析:   FUN88初赔:2.43 3.15 2.68   FUN88即时:2.18 3.30 3.25   拉斯帕尔马斯   ? 拉斯帕尔马斯本赛季前7轮战罢录得3胜2平2负的战绩,在西甲积分榜中排名第7,本轮联赛将坐镇主场迎战西班牙人。   ? 拉斯帕尔马斯拥有独特的地理优势,城市坐落在西班牙偏远海岛之上,因此主场氛围相当热烈,传控能力出色是球队主要特点,无论是控球率以及传球精准度均属于联赛上游水准。   ? 上周末联赛拉斯帕尔马斯作客以2-2战平升班马奥萨苏纳,遭遇连续3轮联赛不胜,最近2轮均以2-2比分完成,球队士气遭受打击。   ? 值得一提的是拉斯帕尔马斯本赛季连续7轮联赛都有破门记录,本赛季已经收获16球,可见球队有一定的进攻能力,但球队近期战绩不佳,近3轮一胜难求。   ? 从交锋往绩来看,拉斯帕尔马斯过去3次坐镇主场与西班牙人交手录得全胜,上赛季甚至以4-0完胜西班牙人,可见拉斯帕尔马斯拥有相当明显的主场优势。   ? 至于阵容方面,拉斯帕尔马斯拥有双前锋何塞以及比埃拉,上赛季他们两人合共贡献19球以及10次助攻,是球队升级的最大功臣。   ? 需要注意的是拉斯帕尔马斯在本赛季前3次客场联赛中未尝一胜,可见球队作客能力有所欠缺,上一轮作客奥萨苏纳并未占得优势,甚至被对手两次反击破门。   西班牙人   ? 西班牙人本赛季前7轮录得1胜3平3负的战绩,排名西甲第17位。   ? 西班牙人常年在西甲联赛中排名中游,属于保级无忧,但难以有所突破的球队。? 上周末联赛坐镇主场以0-0战平比利亚雷亚尔,遭遇连续2轮联赛不胜。   ? 西班牙人上轮主场面对实力强大的比利亚雷亚尔取得1分已经算是一个好结果,相信这样一场平局能够大大增强球队的信心,毕竟西班牙最近2次作客录得1胜1平的不败战绩,而且对手是皇家社会和奥萨苏纳这种实力不俗的西甲球队。   ? 至于阵容方面,西班牙人今夏从英超豪门曼城签下德米凯利斯,从巴伦西亚购入后腰富埃戈以及前锋巴普蒂斯唐、胡拉多等球员,引援工作极具针对性,整体实力稳中有升。   ? 需要注意的是,西班牙人部分主力在国际比赛日都有参战,包括前锋凯塞多、迪奥普、雷耶斯、德米凯利斯以及佩雷斯在紧密赛程下体能消耗不少,预计本轮西班牙将会踢得较为保守。   猎球者数据:   拉斯帕尔马斯   ? 拉斯帕尔马斯最近连续3轮联赛不胜,期间一共丢了8球。   ? 拉斯帕尔马斯近期遭遇3轮联赛作客不胜,球队作客走势不佳。   ? 拉斯帕尔马斯过去7轮联赛一共进帐16球。   西班牙人   ? 西班牙人本赛季场均仅有8.7次射门,其中射正只有2.7次,属于西甲下游水准。   ? 西班牙人最近2次客场联赛1胜1平保持不败。   ? 西班牙人前7轮联赛已经丢了14球,球队防守不稳。   (编辑:猎球者-邱)相关的主题文章:

End telecommunications fraud, do not take the cost of life 追踪309

The end of telecommunications fraud, not to the cost of life, said Lu Xun, the tragedy is to destroy the best things to see. And sometimes, more sad than the tragedy is that the best thing was destroyed, the destruction of the way and always repeat. According to reports, a poor family in Shandong, Linyi, 18 year old girl Xu Yuyu, this year’s college entrance examination was admitted to Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications. But on August 19th in the report on the occasion, nearly, she received a general call to send her a grant phone, she cheated 9900 yuan for gospel truth, the tuition. That evening the father returned home with her heartbroken, alarm suddenly fainted, rescue two days later died of cardiac arrest. This raises concerns about the Ministry of education, Shandong police. On the same day, another girl in Linyi was also a telephone fraud, the home of 6800 yuan tuition fees cheated light. Some of the tragedy, always difficult to describe its absurdity and pathos, will bring the public "his" the valley of tears. Although the people witnessed, heard a lot of telephone fraud, caused the disastrous scene is not uncommon, but when the telephone fraud with a young girl loves a causal association, the public began to pity instinctive regret, which also spewing out. The American philosopher George · Santayana said, for each individual destiny, all grievances are profound, clear and absolute. Especially for studying hard ten years, with the hope to change the fate of Xu Yuyu, cheated million yuan of tuition is pain, bone destruction type, it is difficult to use "blessing" healing philosophy of life to heal easily. Blame is fraud strike Xu Yuyu "bad attitude" and "not deep experience", is cruel: a public protection society, will not let the citizens with a self-defense class against the way since the crisis feeling; a sound public order and good governance space, not forcing people to prevent fraud. Guide by heart, don’t let the "good people be cheated" evil practices. Not to mention, Xu Yuyu died of fraud, has rooted in reality: logic, you are just adult shallow prospective students, money is not easy, three are in the "paper to" stage. They do not understand the "precise fraud liar" routine, a blood type of fraud, the collapse of its spirit and to pivot; Xu Yuyu family was stretched, cheated nearly million yuan with a doomsday disaster means. In the end pressure bears her, this is a no less than "the sky is falling down" the grave disaster, to let her out of breath, so before death she also issued a heartbreaking feeling: "we are all so, why would anyone deceive me!" In the most splendid age, this is not gentleness world, but swallow the social consequences of the dark corner in despair, HanHen, which not only belong to Xu Yuyu’s tragedy is the tragedy. In essence, died to bear the expensive "lessons" of Xu Yuyu, is in the life of an individual to pay for telecommunications fraud. Xu Yuyu death chain, of course, the culprit is telecommunications fraud, but the other end of the student is still standing on the leaked information. If the information is leaked, telephone fraud is also difficult to directional guidance. As for telecommunications fraud, the public has long been tired of speech, its origin, it is the weak regulation of communications operators: despite.相关的主题文章:

Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes nine floor held before the age of 1650 birthday concert (Figure) – China Net dingxiangwuyuetian

Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes nine floor held before the 1650 year old birthday concert "(Figure) – Beijing Beijing in September 16 Dunhuang Xinhua (reporter Ding Sinan Zhuoma) the evening of the Mid Autumn Festival, spring river, Mogao Grottoes, the nine floor in front of the square, a Mogao Grottoes to commemorate the 1650 anniversary of the creation of the concert as about to. Chinese famous Pipa virtuoso Zhao Cong song "the Silk Road" flying bomb ", the sky Piaoqi drizzle, as if flying flowers shed rain," I feel there are countless statues flying flying towards me, "she said. This is the Dunhuang world cultural heritage Mogao Grottoes "birthday" 1650 anniversary, officials, scholars and experts from around the world in nearly half the time followed, through academic forums, cultural exhibitions, concerts and other forms of the ancient heritage "birthday". On the evening of 15, by the Dunhuang Research Institute, sponsored by Shanghai Yibo Gallery hosted the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes 1650 Anniversary Concert "held in Mogao Grottoes, China National Symphony Orchestra sound aesthetic movement on the nine floor to commemorate the 1650, before the sound of the first gouge wall echoes across time and space, through the ancient art of listening to symphony. Hangzhou, West Lake dance "Swan Lake", the first time before the Mogao Grottoes symphony in Dunhuang, so that the East and west culture collision, blend. Mogao Grottoes, as usual that night, quietly waiting for the audience from all over the world to share the event. A pillow of sparse moonlight, leaning back against the nine floor, lighting layout simple, more than and 100 people China National Symphony Orchestra started an unusual "outdoor performance". A song of Penghu worship passionate "red flag song" was a prelude to the concert. In addition, China famous conductor Chen Xieyang, Pipa virtuoso Zhao Cong and other artists, in the "Silk Road" flying, "Jasmine", "Arabian Nights" is along the Silk Road countries featured classic songs. Zhao Cong chose "the Silk Road" flying this classic song to the 1650 year old Mogao Grottoes. "This is a song I personally went to Dunhuang to find inspiration, completed in the United States, today was very touched when playing," said Zhao Cong. The same shock far more than Zhao Cong. The 77 year old Chen Xieyang is the first time in Dunhuang, the evening of 15 a total of 10 tracks, the first formal command of the 4 song encore. Chen Xieyang said in an interview with reporters, the first time in such a sacred place to perform, very shocking. This performance is Chinese and Western, Chinese ethnic music and Western Symphony fusion have unexpected wonderful." Since the 366 years of construction, the Mogao Grottoes has experienced a rise in 1650, abandoned, and rebirth of fate, has retained 735 caves and 45 thousand square meters of murals, sculptures and statues at more than 2, more than 5 pieces of unearthed literature and art, writing the change of Buddhist art development, enrich the life of ancient records the people, show a multi-cultural exchanges on the silk road. Wang Xudong, director of Dunhuang Institute said, in order to save the human permanent miracle, in order to protect the inheritance and innovation of Dunhuang hundred years passing the torch and the arts and culture in Dunhuang, generations of Mogao Grottoes people arduous one after another, and a group)相关的主题文章: